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Release already possible at the end of 2020 ApkRig

The start of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is getting closer: Apparently, you don’t need much patience before the company from China officially presents its next top smartphone. It could be the end of the year.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 will be presented “next month”, reports the Weibo account “Digital Chat Station”, known for Xiaomi leaks. You can find a repost on Twitter under this paragraph. If this rumor is true, Xiaomi will present its new flagship in December. The market launch has been in the room for some time in January 2021.

Xiaomi Mi 11 in good company

Xiaomi would not only follow Samsung’s example, but also get ahead of the competition: It has been said for a long time that we can expect the Galaxy S21 earlier than usual. The month of January floats through the rumor mill as a release period. To ensure competitiveness, Xiaomi could have brought forward the time for the release of the Xiaomi Mi 11 as well.

But other events will soon take place earlier than we are used to in recent years. According to the Android Authority, this includes the CES. The big “Consumer Electronics Show” will take place from January 11th to 14th – mainly online due to the ongoing corona pandemic. The same can be expected for the releases of Xiaomi Mi 11 and Galaxy S21. The OnePlus 9 should also appear earlier, albeit probably not until March.

Focus on the camera

If Digital Chat Station’s predictions for the Xiaomi Mi 11 are correct, we can look forward to an excellent camera. Special camera features have always been the hallmark of the Mi flagships. In this case, the ultra-wide-angle lens should enable a resolution of a proud 48 MP. For comparison: This lens in the Mi 10 Ultra has a resolution of 20 MP. In addition, we can expect a very long battery life and a very good chipset.

Pictures have also already made the rounds on which the Xiaomi Mi 11 should be seen. Accordingly, a flat display awaits us in the standard version. The Pro model, on the other hand, should bring a screen that is slightly curved around one side. We will probably not have to wait long before we can be certain about the design and equipment.

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