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‘regular’ Apple Watch Series 8 keeps current design

Apple will release three new watches in the Apple Watch Series 8 in September, but the cheaper models will keep the current design. That’s what a famous person claims. He also lists the expected colors.

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No new design for regular Apple Watch Series 8

Another good month and then Apple will present the Apple Watch Series 8. For the first time, the company comes with a Pro model, which has a larger case and a fresh design. This variant would also get new sensors and a sturdier housing, so that you suffer less damage. You pay a lot for that, because the price is probably around a thousand euros.

Predictably enough, that means bad news for the design of the ‘regular’ Apple Watch Series 8. According to the well-known tasty ShrimpApplePro the 41 and 45 millimeter watches have exactly the same design as the Apple Watch Series 7. And there is more bad news, because you can no longer opt for a titanium case. That would be reserved for the Pro model. Also, the loafers probably won’t get new sensors.

ShrimpApplePro further lists the expected colors. The aluminum watches come in midnight (black), starlight (grey), red and silver. The stainless steel models will soon be available in silver or graphite. That’s fewer options than the Series 7, which was also available in blue, green, black and gold. Unfortunately, the nice doesn’t give any information about the colors of the Pro model yet.

Release at the same time as the iPhone 14

Apple will most likely present the Apple Watch Series 8 in September, simultaneously with the iPhone 14 series. We again expect four new models: in addition to the normal iPhone 14, it concerns the new iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. There will (unfortunately) not be a successor to the iPhone 13 mini.

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