(RED) celebrates 15-year partnership with Apple

Apple and (RED) have been working together for 15 years now. (RED) raises money with the goal of ending AIDS in Africa. Since 2020, the group has offered an initiative to fight Covid-19.

15 years of partnership between Apple and (RED)

Apple sells (PRODUCT) RED products, namely iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and others that are red. A percentage of the sales of these models is redistributed to (RED). In 15 years, the sale of (PRODUCT) RED to Apple has raised $ 270 million.

A video was uploaded by (RED) to celebrate 15 years of collaboration with Apple, with text in the video:

(RED) and Apple have a common history in the fight against HIV / AIDS. As a partner of (RED) for 15 years, Apple has raised nearly $ 270 million for the Global Fund through the sale of (PRODUCT) RED devices and accessories. With Covid-19 threatening to reverse progress to date in the fight against AIDS, Apple has engaged customers in the fight against these two pandemics throughout the year and at key times through the App Store, Apple Pay integrations and employee engagement.

What will happen to the 2022 funds? Apple indicates on his site that until December 31, 2022, half of the profits will go to the Covid-19 response mechanism set up by the Global Fund to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the fight against AIDS.

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