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Recognizable: Monique Smit acts as a pack mule on holiday (but hey: ‘everything for the kids’)

Hair in a curl, make-up on and appearing in full glory at the boat excursion: for many mothers it is impossible when you are on holiday with children. Monique Smit makes this hilariously clear with an Instagram vs reality photo.

‘Just take that moment this holiday. Just like ‘vroegah’ on a trip with friends’, the singer writes with a photo in which she poses with her hair in the wind on a boat. ‘After that quickly a bun on my head because I don’t like sticky hair on my neck from the heat. Fortunately, you don’t see the smeared mascara behind big sunglasses either,” she jokes.

‘How nice it was!’

It turns out to be a recognizable scene for many mothers, because there is a massive response to the photos. ‘Sometimes you get annoyed during the holiday, but at the end when you are home it is: what a nice holiday it was!’

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