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The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch console is a textbook example of a device that may have disappointed players at first immediately after its announcement, and yet it can eventually excite them. The novelty is not a legendary Switch Pro, Switch 4K or Super Switch, if you will. It does not offer more powerful hardware, higher resolution, longer battery life or even analog triggers. It focuses on upgrading secure parts that do not change any key features. This is not a successor, but an honest revision. Nevertheless, the engineers from Nintendo managed to evoke a convincing illusion of something truly new and perhaps even premium by a suitable choice of elements.

In all cases, Nintendo plays for sure. It does not go the way of any big revolution and basically meets the comments and remarks of the players themselves.

First of all, it is necessary to recapitulate what the OLED model actually offers. At first glance, you will undoubtedly be the first to be interested in the larger and more colorful display that gave this device its name. The touch screen has grown from 6.2 ”to 7” and relies on OLED technology instead of LCD. However, the resolution remained the same – the handheld offers a maximum of 720p and the maximum in the TV dock is 1080p. The storage has a larger capacity. Instead of 32 GB, you can look forward to 64 GB, which is a much better base if you don’t want to use an expansion memory card. The OLED model has a significantly more practical and stable positionable stand and its dock offers a LAN port. It also boasts better speakers. The weight of the device is slightly higher, but it is a negligible difference.

In all cases, Nintendo plays for sure. It does not go the way of any big revolution and basically meets the comments and remarks of the players themselves. Paradoxically, he is not very proud of his potentially most fundamental problem and its correction. It was only subsequently revealed that Joy-Cony should no longer suffer from the infamous drifting. We will see in the coming months and years whether this is really the case. More importantly, the fix for this issue will also affect other newly built consoles. Otherwise, of course, the biggest attention is enjoyed by the new display. It offers greater contrast and brightness and simply looks more colorful, more vivid and more pronounced. Even older titles stand out nicely on it if they enjoy a varied palette.

We may regret that it is a pity that, given the technology and the larger diagonal, it does not offer higher resolution, but we can do nothing about it. More importantly, the result feels much better and you don’t really complain about the lack of pixels. Thanks to the new screen and its design, the console has acquired a slightly more luxurious character. And yet so little is enough. On the other hand, don’t be fooled into saying that you wouldn’t be able to live without it, and the new games didn’t look good on existing models. When you have an OLED in your hand, you get used to it quickly. If you have nothing to compare with, differences do not have to bother you.

The new adjustable stand deserves great praise. The original was the Achilles heel of the whole device. He was unstable, frail, and ill-treated. It greatly limited the use in tabletop mode. The new one is much better used, it is more practical and it means that you can really rely on it and it will not fall even if a cat in the hall walks by the neighbors. Two rubber pads on the bottom edge of the Switch also contribute to the overall stability of its use. In addition, the easier-to-use stand makes it easier to get a memory card hidden under it.

The most important novelty of the dock is that instead of one of the USB ports, the dock now offers the possibility to connect to the Internet via cable, which can be useful when downloading larger games or if you are facing instability via Wi-Fi.

The facelift has also undergone a dock, which has a slightly more modern form and can again act as a slightly more advanced stage of evolution compared to its predecessor. From a practical point of view, a large rubberized area at the bottom edge will attract attention from the outside. Instead of the original door, the inner ports are hidden by a simple snap-on cover. But the most important news is that instead of one of the USB ports, the dock now offers the possibility to connect to the Internet via cable, which can be useful when downloading larger games, or if you are struggling with instability via Wi-Fi, which is something I Switches still happen occasionally. However, the console still charges the same port from below as before, which means that nothing changes that you can’t connect to the power cord with the cable while playing in tabletop mode.

It is a pity that the impression of something better has not always been transferred to processing. Although this is not a significant problem, I was still struck by a somewhat inaccurate fit and workshop processing. I have noticed before with various new Switches that Joy-Cony puts different resistance when inserted into the rail. In the case of the novelty we tested, however, one is completely free, while the other you have to swear and take out with great force. Otherwise, Joy-Cony is identical, and of course that’s good. The buttons on the top edge of the console, which are used to turn on the Switch and control the volume, are slightly different. They are more subtle, but there is no dramatic difference. And when it comes to volume, yes, the new Switch can conjure a louder sound on the go, if for some reason you don’t prefer headphones.

Best Switch so far, but…

If you didn’t realize it yourself, I must warn you that the vast majority of news has an effect for players who play mainly in handheld or tabletop mode. Of course, after connecting to the TV via the dock from the new display, sound or stand, you have nothing. But of course, a wired internet connection or more storage space is still handy. As for the capacity of the flashlight, here Nintendo states 4.5 to 9 hours as for the basic model, depending on all other possible circumstances.

The OLED model is a conflicting device. It’s easy to say it’s the best Switch ever launched by Nintendo. Although it did not meet many expectations and wishes from the speculated more powerful version. New prospects have it easier. If you have been convinced that you want Switch for some time and have postponed your purchase, I highly recommend you reach for this model. If you can get rid of the sound that will whisper to you that maybe in a year, maybe in two Nintendo will introduce something even more interesting. If you already have Switch at home, you need to think about how you use it and what has priority for you. I can imagine that some of the satisfied owners of the original model will wave their hands over it, but there will certainly be people for whom this upgrade will be worth the investment. It is true that you can enjoy playing with it on the Switch a bit more if you use it mainly in handheld mode. In addition, you can use existing accessories. In the end, it is up to you to decide for yourself whether this is a reasonable investment for you.

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