“Realme will soon come with a foldable smartphone”

Realme hints at the arrival of a foldable smartphone from the brand in a tweet. Will it be a flip or a fold device?

Foldable from Realme

This year it really seems (finally) that the foldable market is going to get a swing. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February, OnePlus announced that it would be introducing a foldable smartphone, and OPPO, Vivo and Honor have also recently introduced new foldables. Now Realme also seems to want to get involved in the foldable smartphone market. With this, Samsung, the manufacturer that was gradually acquiring the monopoly, seems to have formidable opponents. And this is only a good thing because the more competition there is, the better manufacturers have to do their best to become distinctive.

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In a message on Twitter asks the vice president the Chinese company wonders the following: “What do you want next… #realmeFlip or a realmeFold?” With this he emphatically hints at the arrival of a foldable from the manufacturer.

Incidentally, this does not seem an illogical step. Realme is part of BBK, this is a company that also includes OnePlus, OPPO and Vivo. As we indicate, those manufacturers have already launched several foldable smartphones or plan to do so soon.

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When will the foldable Realme be available?

It is not yet known when Realme will launch a foldable smartphone. The manufacturer is still working hard on the launch of the Realme GT3. This should be the smartphone with the fastest charging technology currently available. This smartphone is fully charged in less than ten minutes. You can read more about this smartphone in this article and see this video.

What do you think of foldable smartphones and which one would you like to see from Realme? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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