Realme Buds Air 2 come with active noise cancellation

Realme Buds Air 2 headphones may bring a small revolution to the market of cheap wireless headphones. They have to offer a function previously reserved only for the highest class. Recent rumors tell us that the launch of the new Realme Buds Air 2 is close and is set to come with active noise cancellation. When will we be able to buy Buds Air 2?

Realme has launched several models of fully wireless headphones in the last year. The company has in the past focused on providing an affordable alternative to Apple AirPods. The upcoming Realme Buds Air 2 seems to be even more ambitious and even dare to compete with AirPods Pro. The most distinctive feature of the Apple AirPods Pro is the ability to actively suppress noise, and this is the feature that the Realme Buds Air 2 is supposed to bring. The Realme Buds Air Pro model already has this capability, but there is a chance that the new Buds Air 2 .

The headphones should be launched in Europe in the first quarter of 2021. Unfortunately, we do not know the price yet, but if it is at a similar level as the original Realme Buds Air, it could be a very attractive offer. Information about Realme Buds Air 2 comes from the Realme Link application, where the new model is said to have appeared. From other details, it is known only that the headphones will contain a 400 mAh battery. The new headphones should see the official launch soon.

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