Realme Band 2 is said to completely ignore the look of its predecessor

All electronic products undergo gradual technical and design development. Models that span several generations and many years can be logical very different. But it doesn’t happen very often that this happens just a few months after the introduction of the premiere facility. It seems that Chinese Realme doesn’t bother much with that. This is revealed by the first pictures that reveal the look of the bracelet Realme Band 2.

The Chinese company scores mainly with its mobile phones, however, following the example of other competitors, it also launches products into the area of ​​headphones, household goods or smart bracelets. Its the first with its design the most it resembled, for example, Fitbit Charge. The bracelet had strong uniform edges and the display module was firmly seated in the strap in full width. After a few months, the company decided it wanted to try something else.

Exclusive First look at Realme Band 2 leaked renders

The look of Realme Band 2 will probably be recall, for example, Honor Band 6. We will therefore see a narrower strap, in which a wider body with rounded corners will be seated. The bracelet certainly doesn’t look bad at all, but the change only confirms that the company in some areas it’s not about embossing any style of your own at all.

What design of bracelets do you like the most?

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