Reader survey 2020: this is important to us on our phone

In the previous article discussing the results of the reader survey, we saw that Samsung is still by far the most popular brand. During the same study, we also asked a number of questions about the most important functions that a phone should have. You can read the outcome of this in this article.

The ideal screen size

We have mentioned it before, when there were no smartphones yet, small was the norm. With the advent of the smartphone, big became the norm. The latter makes sense because we view a lot of content on our smartphone. When the 4G network was introduced, ‘media consumption’ shot up like a rocket. And a series simply looks better on a large screen, but what is the ideal screen size?

More than 67% of readers say the ideal screen size is between 5.8 inches and 6.6 inches, with 6.3 inches likely being the most preferred. The recently launched Nokia 5.4 comes with a screen size of 6.39 inches and that should be exactly the ‘sweet spot’.

More and more smartphones no longer have the option to expand the memory with an SD card. That is why it is important that you as a user choose a smartphone with enough internal memory to store your photos, for example.

Reader survey 2020: this is important to us on our phone

The result of the survey is clear, slightly more than 46% opt for a device with 128 GB internal memory. Of course there are plenty of solutions to store your photos and videos in the cloud, yet there are still plenty of people who don’t. It depends on how much you will save, but if you use Google Photos, there is a chance that you will have to pay for this service in the coming years. Don’t want to pay for the storage of your photos of dogs, cats, babies and other subjects that are not specified? Then there are also good alternatives to Google Photos.

Are you satisfied with your phone?

As a reader of Androidworld, you are well informed about your phone still to be purchased. You read the articles and pick out the reviews down to the last letter and only then do you make a choice. Was this choice the right one?

Reader survey 2020: this is important to us on our phone

Almost half of the respondents are very satisfied with their own device and therefore with the choice they have made. Only 10% of you say you are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with your choice. What we didn’t ask is which phone you were using. It would be interesting to know whether those 10% used a device from the premium or the budget range.

A question that arises from that: “Are you as a user satisfied with the brand of your smartphone? When you later choose another smartphone, will you look for a model with the same brand or will you switch? ”

Reader survey 2020: this is important to us on our phone

The result is quite shocking. Only 18% say they are sure they will stay with the same brand when they go to buy a new smartphone. Exactly 70% doubt or don’t care what brand it is. This should be a wake up call for the smartphone manufacturers. Brand experience is very important to bind users to you, people like to belong to a club, but you have to do something for that. By the way, this is not only the fault of the brands themselves, but perhaps even more the fault of the consumer.

Other studies on Androidworld show that the price of your device is often the main reason to buy it. We are champions in comparing and finding the cheapest store for our purchase. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, but it causes a race between the different stores to be the cheapest. In addition, this same store must also deliver within a day and preferably take orders until 11:50 pm. Then you still have the law on remote purchasing, which gives every consumer a number of weeks to consider. I wonder how long that will go well.

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