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He seems to be approaching something that James Bond fans and successful old first person events have long called for. The classic GoldenEye 007 from 1997 for the Nintendo 64 from the Rare studio could be released in a new version. At least on the Xbox. This is indicated by leaked achievements, which were pointed out, for example, by the TrueAchievements website. Along with them, there were also pictures of achievements and a preview of the cover, which suggest that this will be the original game, the maximum light remaster and not a full-fledged remake.

Based on the award, it seems that the game should include not only a story single, but also a prized multiplayer. These achievements have been unlocked by users nicknamed BigSheep and Xtinamcgrath and appear to be Rare employees. They are to be Chief Engineer James Thomas and Community Leader Christina McGrath. Achievements have also appeared in the Exophase database and it should be emphasized that they have repeatedly been a credible guide to the planned official announcement in similar cases in the past.

What’s more, this news is even more interesting and realistic in light of the fact that the year 2222 marks the 60th anniversary of the 007 film series. And on that occasion, rights holders are enticing that we can, of course, look forward to announcements, events, new content and other news. It seems that the re-release of the Golden Eye bond game could be one of those pleasant surprises.

It is worth noting that last year a complete version of the previously intended official remake for Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live Arcade service leaked to the Internet. It was officially developed again directly in the Rare studio, but ended up in the abyss of history due to rights problems. For the same reason, the game was not part of the new Rare collections. The problem is the number of companies involved, the licensed design and possibly the appearance of the actors. The Live Arcade version was supposed to contain 200-point events, while the current one indicates 1000 points, which only supports the theory that it’s not the same version.

Another important clue may be the fact that in October 2021 the original game received a new rating in Germany, which allows it to be promoted and sold normally without restriction. It was originally banned here. Even then, it was speculated that he was not heading to the Nintendo Switch Online service, which now seems different, but in the end, for example, the title could reach more platforms. Or at least the one from Nintendo as the original publisher and Microsoft as the current owner of the Rare team.

The fan remake GoldenEye 007, which was created in the editor Far Cry 5, certainly deserves at least a mention. Unfortunately, it was banned due to copyright, but it could have been revived without licensed content. In addition, fans of the agent with permission to kill are looking for a brand new bond from the Danish studio IO Interative, which is responsible for the Hitman series.

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