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Rainbow Six Extraction comes out right in Game Pass -apkrig

Ubisoft + will target the Xbox in the future. Until now, this subscription program has only been available on PC, offering more than a hundred games, news and DLC on the day of release and regular in-game rewards. However, the inclusion of the tactical cooperative action Rainbow Six Extraction in the Game Pass will be a kind of forerunner of this service. It will be available here on the day of release on consoles and PCs. Rainbow Six Siege, which was previously in the Game Pass for Xbox, will also expand the PC version offer at the same time.

For Ubisoft, the debut in the Game Pass for big brands is far from a typical step. The company said it demonstrates its belief in the value that subscriptions bring to players. This was stated by senior vice president Chris Early. According to him, Rainbow Six Extraction is just the beginning, eventually they will offer the entire Ubisoft + service on its Xbox with its complete library and benefits.

A sign of (dis) trust?

Of course, Microsoft praises the Rainbow Six Extraction debut in Game Pass, which is another great catch for it. The game will be released on January 20th. The question is whether the publisher does not at the same time inadvertently reveal to the players that he may not trust the repeated postponed title as much as his other games. After all, the fans have been quite lukewarm about the novelty so far.

Ubisoft + will be on Xbox separate subscription, not part of the Game Pass. Ubisoft + does not target the PlayStation. But the situation can be repeated as in the case of a competing subscription from EA, which eventually got on the console from Sony as well.

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