Public Health Office: Beware, Lockdown!

A while ago, the author of this article received an SMS stating that there was a lockdown. In this way, the Public Health Office informs everyone, especially those who have missed news from the media in the last 24 hours.

The Public Health Office links via SMS: Vaccination is the only solution

The Public Health Office is calling on users to be vaccinated. It is basically the only solution to overcome the pandemic. Evidence of this is also the fact that about 80% of patients in covid wards are unvaccinated.

Comprehensive tightening of rules

Another mission of the SMS message is to inform citizens that as of today (November 25), the rules for everyone are being tightened nationwide.

Attention, Lockdown! | Source: Denis Džula

You can also find the new rules on the website, where you will find out all the details about the current lockdown. The three most significant are: a curfew for 10 days, a state of emergency for 90 days and a curfew.

You will also find various scenarios and exceptions to the curfew on the site. It is valid all day, but is refined from 01:00 to 05:00.

Our tip

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