Psst, do you want to read: the Kek Mama Secret Special

From the little lies we tell our kids to the big secrets that should never come out, our secrets special is full of them! Will you take it?

Wondering what to expect in this brand new issue?

  • Big interview with Ann Dominique Wilten, who can’t keep a secret from her Danny yet, but ‘I lie to my daughter once every day’.
  • My poker face and me; about mothers who take secrets to the grave.
  • Secretly on the pill; a mother confesses why there is no expansion of the family.
  • All about celebrities and that so-called Hollywood Honesty.
  • The infamous mother eyes: about the little lies that make life a lot easier.
  • And much more…

You can buy the Kek Mama special for € 8.95 in the store.

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