PS5 Gamers Rejoice! PS Plus Free Game Giveaway Dates for Jan 2021 Listed

Walking into a New Year is going to be a joyous affair especially if you have already managed to purchase the PlayStation 5 console. Being a part of the elite group that managed to grab a console amidst the huge stock issues is a gift in itself. PS Plus free games should further enhance the experience as Jan 2021 free games are listed and Sony has also added the dates when they will be available for download.

Things are changing at a rapid pace because nearly the entire gaming industry is moving towards cloud streaming for games. While PS5 and Xbox Series X exists, we are yet to see how this shapes up in the next few years. Even then, you would still be able to play your favorite PlayStation titles if Sony would launch a subscription similar to PS Plus. For now, the best option available is to purchase a yearly subscription that will keep offering free titles for both your PS4 and PS5 consoles. Some of them may have enhanced graphics, better loading times, and improved performance if the new hardware is made good use of.

Confirmed PS Plus Free Games Date

Here is the date. Make sure to note it down in case you forget to download the previous month’s titles as well as the new ones. For most who may or may not have downloaded the older free games for December, you will get Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena, and Worms Rumble. The offer will end soon as the next batch of three huge titles is ready to be made available.

On the 4thth of January, 2021 the PS Plus games for PS5 and PS4 consoles will be available for download. While we really can’t claim the majority of titles as next generation, we do know that eventually, they will become part of the free games being offered every month. After all, this is one of the easiest methods to increase your gaming collection within a short period of time. Most gamers who spent $ 500 may not have more to spend on new titles which is why the Plus service becomes essential.

Games not confirmed Yet

The only catch right now is that even though the wait is short we still don’t know the titles that will be given away. Being the first month of the year has its advantages. After all, PS Plus will become more popular and most PS5 owners would want to buy one especially if the titles are highly addictive. You just can’t expect Spiderman Miles Morales to be part of the bundle but will they give something like Spiderman Remastered to start the year with a bang?

PS5 Gamers Rejoice!  PS Plus Free Game Giveaway Dates for Jan 2021 Listed 2
PS5 Gamers Rejoice! PS Plus Free Game Giveaway Dates for Jan 2021 Listed 7

God of War is coming in 2021 which makes owning the console a must-have for long time fans and newcomers alike. However, PS5 and PS4 will probably get popular old generation titles. Many of these games are yet to receive graphical updates on the next generation hardware but they often deliver better frame rates and loading times currently. Mark your calendars for the 4thth of January to get your PS Plus free games.

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