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Projector in your pocket: the Prima 1080p projector

A large television that you can put in your pocket. That’s how you could describe the Prima 1080p beamer. Is this gadget worth it?

Small beamer handy alternative to a large screen

Anyone who has ever moved a television can have a say in it. In the days of the solid glass picture tube, they were completely miserable things to carry, but even with today’s lighter TVs it is still a lot of work. Let alone that they are handy things to take with you for a demonstration.

Anyone who has encountered this problem, and almost all of us are, will therefore welcome the arrival of small light beamers, which offer the same image size as televisions but are much smaller. Because why would you take a large log screen with you when you can simply project onto a white wall?

Excellent 1080p beamer delivers television image quality

Until now, a disadvantage of these beamers was that they only offered poor image quality and ran out quickly. The manufacturer Prima seems to have succeeded in overcoming this last hurdle.

With a retail price of around €400 their 1080p projectors are not very cheap, although well worth the money. Especially when you consider that not long ago they cost double. They offer the image resolution of a television, but are the size of an oversized smartphone. Really a television in your pocket. A 3D television with which you can create an image up to 5 m wide.

Limited battery life and brightness

The battery life of three hours is also nice, although we would have preferred it to be a bit bigger. Partly because the manufacturer has probably estimated this somewhat optimistically. Certain feature films last longer than this.

You should also bear in mind that they require quite a bit of a battery due to a bright light beam. So with the 200 lumen intensity, don’t expect too spectacular results at a great distance unless it is pitch dark. At a short distance, the device delivers very nice results. For daylight you actually need a large, fixed beamer with a light intensity 10 times higher.

Versatile and connectable to many devices

The good news is that this pocket projector is very versatile. Connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth or with a USB cable to your smartphone, PC, or USB stick? It’s all no problem. Thanks to the built-in speaker, you can even use the device as a music box. Charging is also easy, comparable to how you charge a smartphone or power bank.

A handy stand is included so that you are able to set this device in the correct position. The flexible lens with keystone function means that it is also possible to project at a short distance over a large width.


The Prima 1080p pocket beamer is a handy gadget if you travel a lot or give presentations. It is an ideal device for salespeople and people who give presentations to a small group.

Although for larger rooms you really need a classic beamer with a high light intensity. For longer feature films, you will also have to connect the beamer to a power bank or other electricity source to prevent it from running out.

This affordable device is a good alternative to the television for small housed people, people who often travel and students. The power consumption is also much less. More information on the manufacturer’s website.

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