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Project Warlock

Imagine a retro action that invokes the links of games like Doom, Hexen or Wolfenstein 3D, but does not rely on the chopped graphics and reversing gameplay. Instead, it offers you an endless cut that keeps traditions in many respects, but is also not afraid to take on a more modern arsenal, and most importantly, it is fun for you.

Just like Doom is up to you with an almost nameless protagonist whose mission is to kick the hell back, Project Warlock puts you in the skin of some mysterious Warlock. But he does not only lie in the stomach of infernal powers, but equally all the evil in general, so he packs weapons, raises his spells, and sets off sacking into sixty, often very large levels

If you are going to serve something like this in principle simple, you basically suggest that you have bet everything to the gameplay from the beginning. You can not hide behind a stormy story full of twists, sympathetic characters and eye-catching narratives. Tacking other elements to a high level, you are trying to compensate for the fact that the story does not really exist – and Warlock is doing the same.


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Starting levels are slow and embarrassing because they have little charge, and the game may make you very close to using weapons, which, like a cold shower, is a bit like a cold shower after the explosive carriages, flying cartridges and roaring shotguns. In the meantime, however, you will get the ammo and the game will finally catch your breath, read “it will be hectic.” The enemies are lying on you all the way, and their destruction to normal difficulty is not quite trivial, but not tedious

Each chapter is equipped with a different pitch so you can enjoy both half-naked sucks and robots of several-story buildings or a mummy with rocket launchers. Damage varies with attacks and insults and death conditions. For example, flamethrowers do not pay firefighters, other enemies are gradually falling apart under fire, but they still go after you … Similar gimmicks are enough in the game to keep it fresh, even after several levels

You will notice small scouts only after some acclimatization because first you have to get used to the devastating pace. The vast majority of attacking enemies at a distance see through the wall and burn almost as soon as you see them

The fact that you open the door and your projectile flies in a moment is somewhat annoying. In practice, however, it only forces you to be faster, smarter and more inventive. When you add the fact that the game is full of triggering mechanisms that make you feel surrounded by potential blinking during the blink of an eye, breathing moments will not get you much

We have often found ourselves holding our breath and, for sure, not even blinking, moving away from the approaching missiles, or leaning unconsciously. This was the case with Doom in 2016, which is a great compliment to Project Warlock

At a high pace, there are also levels that – although often closed – act relatively spacious and give people the feeling they have room for maneuvering. Similar to classic actions, Project Warlock builds on keys that unlock the door

However, the authors have to some extent decided to cough up on backtracking. In practice, this means that if you find a key, the doors are usually not too far and you can not get bored during their search. Levels change quickly in front of you, and you really do not mind that it’s not any designer jewels

Modern ingredients

From modern Doom, Project Warlock also leverages weapon enhancements. Each one can be upgraded to one of two variants, so you can gradually build an arsenal of dreams. As a bonus, however, Warlock can also spell and it will be up to you whether you want hard-edged modifying points to invest in weapons or spells. Each way you can go separately, but nobody will defend you either in combinations

Additionally, you can customize your style for the main hero who gains experience in killing enemies and collecting treasures to increase his level. Overall, RPG elements in the game play a vital role, but we also did not think they could compensate for your inability. They act as some kind of facilitator, but if you are not good, you will not be able to keep the title to the end.

Warlock Warlocks are tiny and in places where you probably would not have expected them. For example, musical loops are drilled for each level, but relatively short and often do not engage with each other. So, there’s a lot of music in you that cracks in a moment and then goes for a second without a problem. Within the level you will hear this connection a few times and it is not a pleasant experience.

We also found that some surfaces – usually smeared by blood or somehow damaged – mimics the mouse. It’s hard to say where there is a problem in this regard, whether a framerate has failed, or there is some error in the code. However, they were not doing well because of these fluctuations

And finally, it’s also true that in all hecticity the game offers a very fast fun, but to give you a little dose after some time does not start all levels.

Overall, however, Project Warlock is a great retro action that looks great, with fine replicas being played well and offering decent five to six hours of fun. Bloody, explosive and unceasing.

This is a perfect place to relax after a year of New Year’s Eve.


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