Programmer gone in 5 years and Elon Musk remains richest person

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Will there be no more programmers in 5 years?

Emad Mostaque, founder and CEO of Stability AI, predicted in a podcast interview that in five years the profession of programmer could be completely taken over by artificial intelligence. He uses numbers from GitHub as evidence. They should show that 41 percent of all code is already written by AI. Mostaque assumes that by the end of next year there will also be a version of ChatGPT on mobile phones that works without an Internet connection.

Stability AI is the company behind the world’s most popular open source image generator, Stable Diffusion. The founder also stated in the interview that he does not see AI as a threat to humanity, but as great potential.

Richest people in the world increase wealth

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the world’s 500 richest people have continued to increase their wealth enormously over the past six months. Together they “earned” a whopping $852 billion, which translates to the equivalent of $14 million a day for all members of the list. The reason for the rebound is probably a broad-based rise in the stock market, which can be traced back to AI gold rush sentiment. This has given tech stocks a decent boost.

The richest person in the world remains Elon Musk, who increased his fortune by $96.6 billion, while Mark Zuckerberg was able to add $58.9 billion to his account. The richest German billionaire is Klaus-Michael Kühne, who ranks 29th on the list with a fortune of $42.9 billion.

Toyota: breakthrough in solid state batteries

Keiji Kaita, president of Toyota’s carbon neutrality research and development center, told the Financial Times that his team has made a breakthrough in solid-state batteries. The production of corresponding batteries could start as early as 2027 or 2028, which enable a range of 1,200 kilometers and only require a charging time of ten minutes. The materials required for this should be cheap to produce, which could even reduce the costs compared to the currently common lithium-ion batteries.

Should the announcement turn out to be true, Toyota would have a decent technological lead over competitors such as Mercedes, VW or Stellantis. From 2035, only emission-free vehicles from Toyota will come onto the international market.

Microsoft leaks details about the PS5 Slim

Details of Sony’s planned new Playstation 5 version emerge from a document that Microsoft submitted to the court in the Activision Blizzard takeover process. Microsoft claims that the competitor will release the Playstation 5 Slim later this year, which, like the PS5 Digital Edition, will cost $399.99. The new console with the slimmer design should not have its own disc drive by default, but an external one can be bought later or purchased right away in a bundle.

With the document, Microsoft wants to explain that the Xbox and Playstation are also priced at the same level as the Nintendo Switch, which means that the company is only 3rd in the console war and therefore there is no risk of a market monopoly through the Activision Blizzard takeover given is.

Submit team event as overtime?

Meike Brecklinghaus, Associate at Bird & Bird, explained to t3n what the current legal situation regarding team events looks like. According to the Federal Labor Court, participation in events such as summer festivals or Christmas parties, as well as team-building measures outside of regular working hours, must always be voluntary. Employees cannot be forced to participate in such events in their free time. Conversely, this also means that the time spent there cannot later be used as overtime. “Therefore, overtime does not already exist when employees are in the company outside of the regular working hours that apply to them,” says the lawyer.

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