Professionals reveal what they use the Apple tablet professionally

iPad Pro: A magical surface that can do anything?

Apple describes the iPad Pro as “magical”. As a tablet that can do “everything”. In theory, the hardware really shines: The large 120-Hz screen, the powerful A12X chip, a fast graphics, Apple’s stylus and keyboard currently leave little to be desired. Skeptical are many tech fans anyway. Can you really work on the Apple tablet? A Reddit user got to the question now numerous answers from professionals who use the iPad Pro in various occupational fields.

We show usage examples and apps that professionals use in their job. One thing in advance: For some activities, Apple’s 349-Euro-iPad might be enough. However, anyone who wants to work with the tablet every day, reads and writes a lot or simply needs more screen space will not be able to avoid a pro model in the long term. The beginning of our list is made by a freelance illustrator …

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