problems with calling and internet

After Vodafone suffered a malfunction in the mobile network on Tuesday, it is hit again today. The messages about problems with calling and internet are pouring in.

Another Vodafone malfunction

Vodafone is experiencing a malfunction. The outage started around 2:30 this afternoon and is still ongoing. Problems with calling, texting and using the internet are not only reported to Vodafone. Customers of subsidiary Hollandsnieuwe also report problems with the mobile network. Mobile coverage has completely disappeared for a large group of customers. The problem does not seem to occur with every user, according to an initial inventory of DroidApp.

Vodafone also suffered from a major outage on Tuesday. This outage also seems to be spread all over the country. For example, at DroidApp we receive reports from Rotterdam, Deventer and other parts of the Netherlands.

Update 15:52: Vodafone speaks of a malfunction on the 4G and 5G network. On the previous glitch, forcing the phone on the 2G network helped, now it’s not clear if this solution will help again.

Update 16:15: Vodafone reports that mobile traffic is being diverted. According to the provider, the services are gradually recovering.

This post will be updated with new information, if available.

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