Prices for electricity and gas: Eon boss warns

Electricity and gas prices have fallen significantly in recent weeks. But it could only be a small relief. The Eon boss is now warning that prices will soon rise again. You can easily protect yourself from this.

Eon boss: Prices for electricity and gas will rise

Anyone looking for a new tariff for electricity and gas is in luck, because prices have fallen in recent weeks and are now well below the price brakes. But it shouldn’t stay that way, says Eon boss Leonhard Birnbaum, whose company supplies 14 million electricity and gas customers

For these customers it could become noticeably more expensive in the foreseeable future, because wholesale prices need to be passed on to customers. Prices have fallen there, but according to Eon, they have only 30 percent of the surcharges passed on to its customers (Source: hot).

Eon, as the larger energy supplier in Germany, could Become a role model for other energy suppliers, which then also increase their prices for electricity and gas. After it went down again significantly recently, prices for most customers could now rise again. Only those who had to pay far too high prices for a new contract when moving could be downgraded. Most customers, on the other hand, would have to expect higher prices.

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Take out electricity and gas tariffs with a price guarantee now

Currently, the prices for electricity and gas are still cheap, so you can take countermeasures to avoid a price increase. The best way to do this is to go to Check24 and compare the prices there (look at Check24). Aldi and Lidl are now also offering cheaper electricity and gas again.

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It is important that you choose a tariff, the one price guarantee owns. Should the prices rise in the current year, then you are exempt from this. For example, if you graduate by April 2023, you are safe until April 2024. Especially with basic suppliers, you should switch now at the latest, before prices start to rise again everywhere. There is no price guarantee there.

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