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Price & Content of the Service

Price & Content of the Service

Disney+ has been available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since early 2020. We’ll tell you what Disney + costs and what the streaming service offers you.

The “Walt Disney Company” is no longer just the animation company from Los Angeles. The giant media group includes “Pixar”, “Lucasfilm”, “Marvel Studios” and “21st Century Fox”. Disney fills its own streaming service with the wide range of offers.

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Disney+: Cost of the streaming service

In the first year, Disney + was still significantly cheaper than the competition from Netflix & Co. With the expanded offer by Star, Disney wants to break away from the reputation of the children’s streaming service, but this is also reflected in the price. That’s how it costs monthly subscription For new customers now 8.99 euros instead of 6.99 euros before and that Annual package discounted 89.99 euros instead of the previous 69.99 euros.

The jungle Book (Image Source: Walt Disney)

Content from Disney+

The initially exclusive content of the Disney streaming service includes “The Mandalorian”, “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”, “WandaVision”, “Artemis Fowl”the remake of “Lady and the Tramp” as well as several short films from Pixar and Disney. And future blockbusters are also included in the Disney+ subscription once they hit the big screen. Among other things, “Toy Story 4”, “Avengers: Endgame”, “Frozen 2”, “Star Wars: Episode IX” and the live-action adaptation of “The Lion King” can be seen directly via Disney+ at no additional cost. In addition to the new and partly exclusive productions from Walt Disney, content from pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and National Geographic found on the service.

With the acquisition of 21st Century Fox through Disney, the company also owns the rights to The Simpsons, Family Guy, “How I Met Your Mother” and many other series and films. Since February 23, 2021 are under the category “Star” You can now also find a lot of content on Disney+ that is aimed exclusively at adults. You will also find this, for example “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Walking Dead”“The X-Files”, “24”, “Desperate Housewives” or “Prison Break” on Disney’s streaming service.

©The Walt Disney Company/Pixar Studios

No separate streaming service for Marvel & Star Wars

In 2017, there was still the idea of ​​distinguishing between the various Disney offers and thus offering several streaming services at the same time. As Bob Iger explained at the time, the Marvel and Lucasfilm movies and series could be offered as separate services or add-on packages and not be included in the Disney+ streaming service.

In order not to further fragment the market, and since the Marvel and Star Wars films still fit into the family-friendly orientation, the decision was made not to take this step. So the superheroes and space travelers have been a part of Disney+ from the start.

On which devices the streaming service works and an overview of the content can also be found here.

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