Preventing food waste for a few euros

Supermarket Albert Heijn has released a new application in the Google Play Store. The app is called AH Overstayers and is an alternative to Too Good To Go. The goal is the same; Preventing food waste by buying a bag at a reduced rate with products that have passed their best-before date.

Albert Heijn – Leftovers

Thanks to a tip from a DroidApp reader, we stumbled upon the Overblijvers app, an application from supermarket chain Albert Heijn. The application has been launched as a test, in which customers can help the supermarket against food waste. As with Too Good To Go, you can pick up a bag full of products at the end of the day with products almost approaching their best-before date. Products that would otherwise be thrown away can still end up at a good destination in this way. You can buy such a Remnant for a few euros.

There are several Leftovers that can be offered depending on what’s left in the supermarket. Think of a surprise box, a vegetarian package, bread or products that are no longer available. You do not see what exactly is in your package. The operation of the Remnants app is simple. You log in with your Albert Heijn account, after which you select the location of your choice and you see if there are Overstayers. If so, you can reserve it and you will see a time slot in which it can be picked up.

Albert Heijn announces that it is currently a test, in which there is currently a choice of 10 stores spread across the Netherlands. It is currently unknown when this number will be expanded further, or until when the test will last. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store via the button below.


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