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Presto l’App Store degli iPhone ti mostrerà ancora più pubblicità

Apple is increasing advertising on the App Store. The company said it was going to dedicate even more space to inserts, here’s what you need to know.

Apple will increase advertising on the App Store. In the future, banner ads will be compared inside a new panel in the main App Store window and in the window dedicated to individual applications.

All ads will be displayed in blue and will carry the word “Ads”. In this case, they will stand out from the apps selected organically by the App Store algorithms. Currently, the App Store already displays some advertisements, but only in the search bar and in the results of the internal search engine of the marketplace.

Le pubblicità su Apple Search consentono agli sviluppatori di ogni dimensione di aumentare il volume dei loro affari. Even the new advertising spaces have been designed with this objective in mind. Conterrano content comes exclusively from the application approved by the App Store. Content which, however, meets our strict privacy standards.

si legge in un comunicato inviato da Apple al site 9to5Mac.

In sostanza, i nuovi banner pubblicitari dovrebbero appear in un’affixed scheda in basso presented on the homepage of the App Store. Also, sponsored apps should be compared to apps that are normally suggested when we open a specific app’s page.

Apple hasn’t officially presented the new banner ads yet, but the first tests should start soon.

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