Power station with solar panel tested: Bluetti AC200P and PV200

Energy storage for solar systems is playing an increasingly important role. The aim: to store excess energy so that it can be called up when needed. Such systems are now also available for the private sector – such as the Bluetti AC200P and PV200. We tested the power station with a solar panel.

Bluetti is a brand of Poweroak GmbH, which has its origin in China. In addition to portable energy storage, the company also offers home batteries and foldable solar panels. Like the solar mats, there are also the power stations with different levels of performance. We have the portable power station AC200P tested in combination with two foldable PV200 solar panels.

Power station with solar panel tested: Bluetti AC200P and PV200

First things first: The Bluetti AC200P cannot be charged with just one PV200. Because: The input voltage is too low. However, operation with two or even three 200 watt solar panels is possible without any problems.

There is also the option of charging the power station with a 12-volt connection cable via the cigarette lighter in the car or with an AC adapter and power pack via a house socket. This article is primarily about the Bluetti AC200P with the PV200 – or two PV200.

Scope of delivery and commissioning

Charging the Bluetti AC200P power station with solar panel is very easy. The two PV200 only have to be connected in series and connected to the energy storage device via an adapter. The correct connection is almost self-explanatory.

Because every foldable solar module has an integrated solar cable with two MC4 connections on the back – a red one for plus and a black one for minus. To connect the two solar panels, all you have to do is connect a plus cable to a minus cable and plug the other two connections into the power station adapter.

A wrong plug connection is almost impossible due to the connections. In addition, in order to charge the Bluetti AC200P, the device does not have to be switched on. Because the power station is activated automatically as soon as it is connected to the solar mats, the car or a household socket.

The Bluetti AC200P with a PV200 solar panel (Photo: BASIC thinking).

Bluetti AC200P and PV200 in the test: performance and experiences

With a capacity or output of 2,000 watts and watt hours, the AC200P is one of Bluetti’s more powerful portable power stations. Thanks to a total of 13 connections (2 x 230 volts, 4 x USB, 1 x USB, 4 x 12 volts, 2 x 15 watt wireless charger), numerous electronic devices can be charged and operated with the energy storage device when fully charged. Here some examples:

  • Charge smartphone (10 to 15 watts): around 50 to 100 charging processes with a charging time of around two to four hours.
  • Charge laptop (60 watts): around 20 charging processes with a charging time of around one to two hours.
  • Electric grill (1650 watts): over an hour
  • coffee maker (800 watts): two hours
  • light (20 watts): 75 to 85 hours
  • TV (75 watts): over 20 hours

According to the manufacturer, charging the AC200P with two PV200 should take around 5.5 hours. However, this information relates to a capacity of six and up to 80 percent. In our test, the charging time (from ten to 80 percent) was around seven hours. At its peak, around 250 watts were generated. The maximum power is 400 watts.

However, the charging time always depends on the weather conditions and the orientation of the foldable solar panels. The advantage of this is that the solar mats can be set up according to the sun in just a few simple steps. The angle is also variably adjustable (35, 45 or 55 degrees). Theoretically, the solar panels can also be laid flat on the ground. More details: Bluetti AC200P and PV200.

Power station with solar panel: Summary of the Bluetti AC200P and PV200

The Bluetti AC200P is a powerful energy storage device that is suitable both as a portable power station for longer camping trips and as an emergency power generator at home. With a weight of around 27 kilograms, the battery is not lightweight.

When it comes to charging options, the AC200P is definitely convincing. Handling and charging via two portable PV200 solar mats is extremely easy. Because the solar panels can be set up and connected within a minute and variably aligned.

However, combining the AC200P with just one compatible solar mat would be much more convenient. In theory, the power station with two PV200 is suitable both for on the go and at home. However, we would rather advise against using it on the balcony, because: With a length of more than two meters, the panels require a relatively large amount of space – also to optimally align the mats. The combination is therefore primarily suitable for use on larger areas or in your own garden.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bluetti AC200P and PV200

Bluetti AC200 P Bluetti PV200
  • Lots of connections
  • High capacity/ energy density
  • long service life (3,500 charging cycles)
  • integrated carrying handles
  • LCD touch display
  • easy construction
  • robust
  • integrated cable
  • different installation angles


  • no eyelets for hanging

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