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Two summaries in one day? We can do that in Vortex too! After a special that only covered yesterday’s news from Sony, we now offer you full-fledged news with a number of topics that have moved the world of video games in the past two days. The most important news is the postponement of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, along with a change of developers. But we will also tell you the first details about multiplayer in Watch Dogs: Legion, we also focused on the series Twisted Metal (yes!) And the second series Mythic Quest, and there is also an interesting tip for a game that can shorten the wait for Elden Ring.

List of topics

00:54 – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 changes developers. Hardsuit Labs Studio is no longer working on RPGs. The paradox recalled the authors and the game will not be released this year

06:17 – The source of speculation about Battlefield 6 had to be removed. Insider lost his Twitter account and deleted related videos. Fans see this as confirmation

09:43 – Stadia fired its developers and the game had no one to fix. The title was released at the Stadium on the day the team closed. The lawsuit is aimed at Google over a promise of 4K and 60 fps

15:23 – Multiplayer for Watch Dogs: Legion arrives in March. The free update offers drone fights, free riding and tactical missions for 4 players

21:13 – Sony is preparing a series of Twisted Metal by screenwriters Deadpool. It will be an action and a funny ride. There is already speculation about who can play the crazy clown

25:58 – The upcoming game with Robin Hood is decorated with variability. There is nothing pre-lined in Outlaws & Legends. You will make your opponents insidious on purpose

32:53 – Improved Tony Hawk arrives on the next-gen console and Switch. Players pay $ 10 to upgrade. In addition to graphics, the Deluxe Bundle also offers a few bonuses

36:05 – Release Dates: March Games With Gold, GameMaker with next-gen console support, Arkham Horror as a video game, DLC for Two Point Hospital with time travel, a sequel to the Mythic Quest series, and the 13-year-old Lambda Wars strategy from the world of Half -Life

46:42 – Waiting for the Elden Ring will be shortened by Pascal’s Wager. The final edition of the mobile hit will be released on PC in March. Offers all content and better graphics

49:16 – Payday 3 is still being worked on, but the game has no publisher. Starbreeze was worse off. In the future, they will bet on a live service model

53:24 – Yakuza producer would like to release samurai spin-offs in the West. The historical plays of Kenzan and Ishin were published only in Asia. If they are to be published in English, they must be improved

57:22 – Next-gen enhancements Avengers favor the PS5 version. The developers brought the first details about the upgrade. The Xbox may not receive a range of graphics modes

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