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PostNL adds Easter Egg game to app: the Package Game

Waiting for the doorbell to ring and the parcel deliverer at the door? With the latest update of the PostNL app you can find an Easter Egg and start a fun entertaining game: the Package Game.

Easter Egg in PostNL app

With the latest update of the PostNL app you can now play a game and immediately kill time. In the game you have to get as many packages as possible, while avoiding the obstacles. If you do hit an obstacle on the road, the game will unfortunately stop and you will have to start over. You can, however, share your score with the rest of the world after your ride. The game is available in the latest version of the application, which is now being rolled out via the Google Play Store.

The game cannot be found in the menu, but you can quickly open it in another way. All you have to do is shake your phone and a PostNL van will drive from left to right across the screen. Then tap the van and the game can start.

PostNL game

The latest update also brings a small improvement. Users with Android 11 can now take a photo for a photo card again. Due to a bug, it was only possible to load a photo from the gallery. That problem has now been resolved. You can download the update for the PostNL app from the Google Play Store via the button below.


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