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Pokémon Let’s Go combines nostalgia with classic Pokémon RPG Red, Blue and Yellow (RBY) and Pokémon Go mechanics. Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

Again you are ten years old and you are in your hometown in the town of Pebble, Kanto. And as you always go on your adventure when you meet Professor Oaka

Just what you say hello, you will attack the title Pokémon and you think it’s a remake of Pokémon Yellow, a remake of the first generation Pokémon game, not unlike the Fire Red and Leaf Green triangulation games. But you are led out of this error immediately. Because at this point the game tells you to use your Joycon instead of Pokeball and you will immediately realize that the interface in which the game is played is actually the Pokémon Go interface

Once you’ve got your first Pokemon, you’ll open up the world of adventure. You are going to meet and catch new Pokémon in the same way as you do at Go, gaining badges in stadiums or fighting raccoons in the same way as in classic games. And maybe there will be some sympathetic easter egg referring to the original games


Compared to RBY

For hardcore Pokémon fans, Changing Blaine Stadium is the biggest change over other games played in Kanta. Generally, the stadium interiors of some old-Dojo doodles have been converted into competition halls where the stadium coach is surrounded by seat rows, half filled with NPC viewers

But it is nothing compared to what they did to poor Blaine. Blaine, a well-known Pokemon puzzler, has a stadium in the RBY, composed of tricky questions that a player must answer correctly, otherwise his coaches will be thrown at him. And the question of whether Caterpie develops in Butterfree (which is true, but is happening through the Metapoda stadium), basically can not be called other than trolling

When we first entered Let’s Go at Blaine Stadium, we were horrified to find out that we were in a knowledge-based program. And, of course, we deleted our favorite question from the list

Among the most important items in RBY was a bicycle that made it easier for players to move around the world, and a fishing rod that allowed the player to catch otherwise unachievable pokemon. Not one of them in Let’s Go. However, instead of a round, you can use the Pokemon you have in your party, such as Persian or Arcanino

The whole impression of riding, however, spoils the phenomenon when you encounter an obstacle (wall, human). At that point the pokemon will return to Pokéballa and you will only sit down so that you can come back for a second later. It was such a bad thing that we had given up some pokemon riding after a while. Well, neither the rod nor his equivalent in the game is. The only way to meet the Pokemon is to wait for it to appear.

On the other hand, the absence of Hidden Machines, the so-called “Hámek”, pleases many players. Until the sixth generation (XY, ORAS) there were obstacles in Pokemon, where the player could only get through HM, attacks to learn his Pokémon and use them both in duels and in terrain, such as bushes, surfing on the water or rolling of large stones. Now, just talk to the right people and teach your Pikachu or Eevee to overcome these obstacles

Last time in the fourth generation (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum) we also saw the so-called Game Corner. This is a game room where the player throws into the slot machines purchased and tries to win more chips. He can then buy new attacks for his Pokemon or even otherwise very difficult to obtain Pokemon such as Scyther or as completely unreachable as Porygon

In Let’s Go, such a Game Corner does exist, but it can not interact with it. And why, too, when Porygon appears along with other Pokémon on different paths. And last but not least, we’d like to mention something that did Pokemon Let’s Go, unlike the Pokémon Let’s Go. He really can not get rid of his Pokemon. It can not even be put into the school’s pokemon

Browsing games

The game has a lot of flaws. The biggest one is the concept itself. Just like the Pokémon Go player, you have all the captured pokemons, but just like RBY you have only six of them. This means that you have to return for tired pokemon only in a minimal number of cases, since it is far more practical to alternate the wounded for those with him but not in part

But the guy and the guys in the party are scrambling a little too. After all, when he encounters a new Pokémon, he relies only on himself and throws his art. Pokemon gains experience, levels, or evolves. And you do not even have to send it to battle. At the same time, the Pokémon of the game is about the connection between the coach and his pokemon during a common adventure. And we often did not even know who we were in.

Another thing is a terrible delay. Whether we’re talking about cutscene, unnecessary animations or, and that’s what makes us all the more, we always have to push the button that we want to throw Pokeball after the Pokemon jumped from the previous one. This is just what you want to do as ninety percent of cases

Adding a lot of cutscene while keeping the relatively open world of first generation games even leads to phenomena like when your rival praises you for having seven badges even though you’ve just got the third

A lot of maps have lost their charm. Whether we talk about the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, Victory Road or Cerulean Cave, many places are not as interesting as they were in RBY. Yes, remodeling some places into 3D graphics would have to be really hell, but even so the authors could definitely win a lot more

But let’s not play Let’s Go, there are a few things in the game that the fan’s heart has been defending for a long time. For the first time since the fourth generation, his Pokémon runs along his side, except for Eevee or Pikachu on his shoulder and any other party

And not only can you run your Pokemon around the world, thanks to the cooperative multiplayer you can now accompany the other player! This is a feature the fanciers have long been asking for and has only appeared in a few mini-games. However, it also means that when you play matches with coaches, you play two on one and the game is just too easy. Which is actually when a person walks her alone

Pokéball Plus and Pokémon Park

However, the most important thing is Pokeball Plus – an electronic device that looks exactly like a real Pokéball game that you can buy with or without the game. Surely you ask what good it is. Well, it’s actually another driver for the game that you can not only catch by poking hands with pokemon, but at the same time, though, a little awkward, move around on the map

Last but not least, you can put your Pokémon into it, and if you can not play it, you put it in your pocket or backpack. When you get back into the game again, you will find that the Pokemon who has spent some time in this poker game has gained a lot of experience and even some items

You also need to mention that Let’s Go can link to your Pokémon Go account on your mobile and send first-generation Pokémon to your Switch. In Let’s Go, just visit Pokémon Park (which, unfortunately, replaces the popular Safari Zone) and catch the captured Pokémon Park again


Pokémon Let’s Go is trying to create a bridge between the Pokémon Pokémon world, Pokémon Go Pokémon Go world. The result is, unfortunately, some kind of cloth that contains a piece of everything but at the same time does not fully satisfy

When we are in the mood for the Pokémon of the game, we play a classic RPG. When we are in the mood to pull Pikachu’s head, watching long scenes and stunning over what the Rakepaths bring out stupidly, let’s go anime. And if we just want to practice how well we throw ball, we’ll go bowling

The Let’s Go Pokémon just did not bother us and we actually played this game just to win it. It took about 18 hours, roughly the same as the classic RBY. The attempt to connect the whole world of Pokémon into one game is very sympathetic, but this world is already so extensive that it could not even be said

Nevertheless, we believe that this game, especially after the resistance by the hardcore community was accepted by the latest series of the Ultra Series and Ultra Moon, finds a lot of love from the wider public

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