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Pokémon GO multiplayer now available so challenge your players to pvp fights

It took a while, but Pokémon GO players can finally compete against each other to see who is the best Pokémon trainer. We show you how this Pokémon GO multiplayer works.


Pokémon GO multiplayer now available

Since the arrival of Pokémon GO players have asked for the possibility to compete with other trainers. That day has finally come with the big Pokémon GO multiplayer update that is being rolled out globally.

As with previous updates, the function first becomes available to players with a higher level, after which he rolls out for more and more people. Currently, every player of level 20 or higher can enter into battle with others.

This is how you challenge other players to a Pokémon GO pvp fight

Once the function is available to you, you can easily challenge friends or other players. The game distinguishes between good friends and random players.

Only friends who have the status ‘Ultra’ and ‘Best’ can be challenged via the internet. With the rest of the players you go to battle by scanning the new Battle Code. That works as follows

  1. Open Pokémon GO;
  2. Tap the bar at the bottom right of the screen that shows the Pokémon in the neighborhood;
  3. Now choose the tab ‘Battle’
  4. Have someone scan your Battle Code, or scan someone else’s with the ‘Challenge A Trainer’ button.

If you do not have people around or no friends with a status that is high enough, you can also try out the new pvp function by recording it against the computer. You go through the same steps as above and then tap one of the three team leaders Blance, Candela or Spark.

This is how pvp battles work in Pokémon GO

Before a fight begins, you choose the League in which you play. To ensure fairness for the fight, Pokémon levels are divided into different categories. For example, in the Great League you can only choose Pokémon with a Combat Power of up to 1500 and there is no limit in the Master League.

Then each player sets up a team of three Pokémon. They then take it up against each other by tapping the screen and performing attacks. You can switch between fast and slow attacks by tapping the screen. You can also exchange Pokémon and unlock a third attack with Stardust and Candy. By activating a special shield at the right time, you can protect your Pokémon. After a fight, both the winner and the loser get a number of items.

Download Pokémon GO in Google Play (free)

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