Plop down on that couch: the best viewing tips for you

Love Actually

Okay, such an old, wrong film is actually no longer possible. But bet that you will swoon (again) anyway? If you want to refresh your memory, here’s the trailer.

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The Fabeltjeskrant

The animals in the forest share joys and sorrows, with the blue wise owl as the narrator. Youth sentiment, of course – and only for that reason nice to just (shamelessly) watch again via Netflix.

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Mamma Mia II

With the summer in your head and those delicious old Abba hits on your screen, you have to do your best not to get those feet off the floor. For the fans: there would be a part III on the schedule.

The 12 of Schouwendam

Prefer to watch a blood-curdling series? Two students disappear in De 12 van Schouwendam. When the fictional town gets a new resident who seems to know more about it, new victims fall.

The Proposal

Two reasons to set up this film: Ryan Reynolds plays in it and the dry humor of Sandra Bullock.

The story? Bitchy publisher Margaret (Bullock) is in danger of being deported to her native Canada and tries to avoid that by marrying her assistant Andrew (Reynolds). The engagement adventure takes them to Alaska, among other places, where the ‘couple’ meets Andrew’s family.

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