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PlayStation is preparing 10 movies and series according to its brands -apkrig

Sony is preparing 10 movies and series based on its PlayStation brands. Like Ubisoft, the Japanese giant leaned heavily into the film and television division based on its own games, and Uncharted or The Last of Us are just the forerunner of other projects. This was suggested by Sony Pictures boss Tony Vinciquerra in an interview with CNBC.

Vinciquerra revealed that Sony’s One One initiative is currently working on three movies and seven series based on PlayStation content. What brands could it be? Of course, one can speculate about the biggest hits, but the slightly forgotten series Twisted Metal was repeatedly mentioned today. According to her, Tony Vinciquerra himself promised the series last year. As early as 2017, an animated series based on the Sly Cooper series was even announced, the current state of which is unclear.

Will The Last Guardian be another film?

In May this year, we wrote that The Last Guardian from 2016 by Fumit Ueda is said to be heading from the digital world to the silver screen. At least that’s what insider Daniel Richtman claimed, according to whom the studio was looking for suitable actors. Among other things, a twelve-year-old boy for the lead role. The screenplay is to be written by Max Borenstein, who is signed under Godzilla’s 2014 films or Kong: Skull Island.

Naturally, Sony has the advantage of other game companies fiddling with film that it’s at home in Hollywood and has long been involved in this business. She can thus supervise the adaptations of her own brands and not entrust them to anyone else.

Sony representative at the time, Shawn Layden, said they were inspired by how the Marvel comic book company entered the industry.

Sony founded its own division specializing in game brand adaptations under the name PlayStation Productions last spring. Even then, they thought they wanted to manage their own brands rather than license them to other film and television studios. Because they know them well themselves and know what the community of players expects and wants.

Sony representative at the time, Shawn Layden, said they were inspired by how the Marvel comic book company entered the industry. According to him, it is clear from older adaptations that the screenwriters or directors did not really understand the world of video games. According to him, the biggest challenge is to fit a game that takes, for example, 80 hours into a film. It is therefore necessary to capture the spirit of the original and write your own story.

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