Many players wonder how much playtime Final Fantasy 16 offers. In the following we will tell you everything about the scope of the action RPG and list all the main missions.

Final Fantasy 16: Awakening

Season of Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy 16 will no longer be a classic JRPG, but will contain much more action. For example, the battles run in real time, there are no more turn-based battles. Also, you can no longer switch back and forth between your party members in battle.

The Playing time is around 35 to 45 hours. If you complete all 76 side missions, however, the playing time could increase a bit. If that’s not enough for you, you can also look forward to the “New Game Plus” mode, which is called “Final Fantasy Mode”.

With everyone’s favorite approach, this mode allows you to start the story from scratch and take all your gear and skills with you to the new playthrough. Enemy placement and difficulty are also adjusted, making the second run different from the first and more challenging.

The story focuses on Clive Rosfield, who is primarily out for revenge for his family, especially his brother. The following trailer gives you a first impression of the story of the game:

FINAL FANTASY XVI – “Revenge” Trailer | PS5, German

Total there following 50 main missions:

  1. A fire started
  2. Who disturbs the Dominus
  3. Proud
  4. dawn and dusk
  5. Lost in the fog
  6. Born of fire and ashes
  7. chance encounter
  8. A new cornerstone
  9. smoke trails
  10. Loud silence
  11. In the shadow of the night
  12. headwind
  13. storm sign
  14. awakening
  15. The fruits of guilt
  16. hunter and hunted
  17. The return
  18. home and woe
  19. debris of memory
  20. The sense of life
  21. Crime and Punishment
  22. The Curse of the Crystals
  23. Cid the outlaw
  24. A new home
  25. A black omen
  26. blood ties
  27. Tenacious flames
  28. monstrosities
  29. fire and Ice
  30. after the storm
  31. A dagger through the heart
  32. reflections
  33. tracks in the sand
  34. Underground
  35. From oblivion
  36. frontier workers
  37. fire in the night
  38. Out of joint
  39. light and shadow
  40. The downfall
  41. A song of hope
  42. Sure ship
  43. Through the sea
  44. The passage
  45. footsteps in the ashes
  46. The Last King
  47. brothers
  48. city ​​of madness
  49. Back to the source
  50. Of men and gods

Main mission subquests:

  • Of building bridges
  • The lot of the porters
  • Like in the old days
  • The madam
  • Dark clouds
  • salvation
  • The flames shine bright
  • Let’s do it
  • On the trail of the crystals
  • let off steam i
  • let off steam II
  • let off steam III
  • Opportunity makes thieves
  • Rock hard guys
  • A reason to fight
  • The Flames of War
  • Crash in Dalimil
  • Like father like daughter

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