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Play the Twin Mirror prologue in the »Vortex browser

The adventure psychological thriller Twin Mirror from Dontnod Entertainment (Life Is Strange, Vampire, Tell Me Why) will be released tomorrow. But you can tune in to the arrival of this news now through the online game Lost on Arrival. It has to tell us more about the whole world and you can play it directly in your internet browser.

Her story revolves around a lost phone in front of The Coal Miner’s Haven. Your task is to find its owner. Thanks to Lost on Arrival, we have to learn more about the characters of the Twin Mirror and the town of Basswood itself. You can also access exclusive images from the game or a sample of the musical accompaniment via your mobile phone. What else would you like to find in the Music and Gallery apps?

With a little luck, you can win something

Those who make it to the end can win a special PC in the Twin Mirror design or one of the 20 keys to the Epic Games Store, which also includes a soundtrack. Interestingly, the subtitle Lost on Arrival was originally intended to carry the first part of the game, when the authors were still counting on an episodic model. But in the end, it comes out as a whole.

As for the Twin Mirror itself, the main protagonist of the game, Sam Higgs, returns to his hometown of Basswood for the funeral of his best friend, and it soon turns out that many dark secrets lie in wait for him. The former investigative journalist will use his talent for deduction to unravel all the mysteries.

With our help, the protagonist will try to reconstruct the key events in the so-called thought palace. It is his refuge that allows players to see Sam’s past and witness his memories. Here we will examine the environment, collect clues and try to put the fragments into some functional hypothesis.

Sam will try to come to terms with the past, find out the whole truth, but also restore the broken bonds. He has to face dramatic events and the spirits of his own past. The main theme of the story is said to be the halving of the protagonist. The game was announced in June 2018 and we played its demo on the fall of the same year at Gamescom. The development started in 2016. You can find more details in our older articles.

Twin Mirror will be released tomorrow on PC, PS4 and Xbox and is of course compatible with the new consoles.

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