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Play The Elder Scrolls on Twitter »Vortex

MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online expanded in November with a DLC called Markarth. It is one of the areas in Skyrim, or rather a city that you may know from The Elder Scrolls V, but also The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Bethesda Softworks’s Twitter account, and its Australian and New Zealand subsidiaries, took advantage of the opportunity in early December and launched it directly on the social network a small game set in the world of The Elder Scrolls.

Of course, this is not an RPG in the true sense of the word, but rather an adventure in the style of the book books Choose Your Own Adventure. From our bookstores you can know an alternative in the form of the Fighting Fantasy series, such as the classic The Wizard of Fire. And of course, a twitter game can remind you of the good old text adventures. You don’t have to download anything, you don’t have to deal with anything special. Just read in start-up allowance and then just go through the follow-up tweets and answers, which act as a signpost here.

With their help, you choose what to do, where to go and so on. With each click and step, the game tells you the next part of the story and gives you a choice of how you want to proceed. As in the 1980s (and not only then), this of course means occasionally trying different methods by trial and error. But on the other hand, in this case you can also look forward to various pictures, which in the case of classic textbooks were far from a matter of course. And or at least not at first.

It’s not hard to imagine that there must have been a piece of work behind the branching story, even if you can’t imagine anything grandiose and have lower expectations from the scale.

You will encounter vampires, find allies or engage in battle. Unlike the classics, nothing prevents you from cheating and in the event of failure, or when you get to a “dead end”, go back a step or two. But you are more likely to deceive yourself, because you will be deprived of fun and finding the right path.

The whole adventure is in English, but even for those of you who do not speak this language, it should be very easy to enjoy it with the help of a translator. At the same time, the atmosphere and the described situations can really evoke the adventures of The Elder Scrolls quite well, so you suddenly get a taste for something bigger. So the plan of the PR department came out.

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