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play old iPhone games on your Mac (and here’s how)

Do you also regret that many old iPhone games are gone forever? No worries! These old iPhone games will soon be playable on your Mac!

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Play old iPhone games (on your Mac)

Do you also miss the iPhone games from the past? Think of the Call of Duty games, Pocketball, Flappy Bird or Asphalt 5. These games of yesteryear have disappeared from the App Store and you can never play again … or maybe you can?

When you want to play old iPhone games, you are faced with quite a problem. You then need an old iPhone with the game still on it. Or you have to arrange an old iPhone and him jailbreak, so you can also download and install apps outside the App Store. This is quite tricky.

There’s some good news, though, as Twitter user Hikari has created an emulator that lets you play old iPhone games again. An emulator is a program that simulates hardware (such as an iPhone). So in this case you can use software made for iPhone on another device.

So you can play the old iPhone games again

Want to give the emulator a try? Which can! It does have quite a few hooks and eyes. The emulator you have to use to play the old iPhone games is not very user friendly. In addition, at the moment only Super Monkey Ball is playable and you must have a controller (such as an Xbox One controller).

flappy bird

In addition, starting on the Mac is rather difficult. But we tell you step-by-step how to do it. First of all, you need the emulator files. The emulator can be downloaded from the website. There is a version for Windows and Mac. Click “Download (Windows/Mac)” and click “touchHLE_v0.1.2_macOS_x86_64” for the Mac version.

After extracting the file, all you need is the Monkey Ball game. It is not legal to download this software if you are not the original creator, but if you do a Google search for ‘archive iPhone games’ you can see all the old iPhone games that are available for download.

When you have the Monkey Ball file (this is an .ipa file) you have to put the file in the folder where you also have the emulator touchHLE. When you click on the emulator for the first time, you get an error message that you are not allowed to launch apps outside the App Store. To allow this anyway (this is at your own risk), open your Mac’s ‘System Settings’. Then click on ‘Privacy and Security’ and allow to run the touchHLE app.

Now it gets even tougher. You need to rename the Monkey Ball.ipa file. Right-click on the file and choose Rename. Change the name to ‘Monkey’.

monkey ball

Next, you need to open a Terminal window in the folder where you have the emulator. Right-click on the folder where you have the app and choose ‘New Terminal window at folder’. Then, in the Terminal window, type “./touchHLE” followed by a space. Then type ‘./M’ and press the [Tab]-test. Then you press [Enter].

Future music for old iPhone games

It is still quite difficult to use the emulator. But it’s good news that he’s here. Virtually every emulator starts out with limited game support and a flawed interface. But avid fans (with programming skills) can now get started to improve and expand the program code. And who knows, in a few years you will be able to play all your old iPhone games again.

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