Play even more PC games with your Xbox controller

Your Xbox controller’s support for PC games will be further expanded thanks to Steam. That is how it works.

Gaming with a controller does not automatically mean that you are tied to a mouse and keyboard. Some games simply play better with a controller. The Xbox and PlayStation controllers are therefore standard compatible with a computer. But not every game has support for the controllers.

Xbox controller with PC games

In that area, a major breakthrough has now taken place with PC games support for the Xbox controller. A new beta update of Steam makes it possible to use the Xbox controller with games offered on the platform. And as you may know, the range of games in Steam’s library is really huge. In addition, it is possible to use special software from Valve with the more expensive Xbox Elite controller. This allows you to configure the buttons on the back of the controller. That can make the playing experience just a bit more fun.

In addition, it is possible to connect up to four Xbox controllers to Steam at the same time. Do you have a PlayStation 5? No problem. Steam already had support for the PS5’s DualSense controller.

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