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Plague Inc. – Free expansion pack also allows the pandemic to be cured

A new, free update brings this game closer to the current situation. While the goal up to now has been to wipe out humanity with a pandemic, one now has to look for a cure and patient 0.

While the aim of this game has so far only been to trigger a pandemic and destroy humanity, an existing pandemic is being fought in a free expansion. This includes finding a cure and, of course, patient 0. Of course, the pathogens can continue to be used as a weapon and humanity can be wiped out.

The cure for the pandemic

In the new expansion it is the task of the players to find patient 0 with the teams sent out. The ultimate goal is to cure the pandemic while supporting the economy to the point that there is no collapse. Find strategies to prevent it from spreading. The virus is controlled using methods that we currently know from reality. Track contacts and, if necessary, impose lockdowns.

It is interesting that this extension was created in cooperation with world-leading health experts. More information is available on the Developer’s website.

Overcome the defenses of the people

Nobody likes to be extinguished, and certainly not voluntarily. Therefore, you can expect considerable resistance. Since the game is not exactly easy, there is a detailed tutorial at the beginning and help during the game is not neglected.

No illness is like another

If one were to rely on a single disease, the risk of an antidote or even a vaccine being discovered is quite high. Therefore, you can adapt your strategies and fall back on 10 different diseases. These can then infect 50 and more countries.

Virus, bacteria, parasites, spores and biological weapons

The range of pathogens is enormous. These can also be expanded and improved through research. After all, an epidemic or pandemic rarely develops on its own and can also be prevented by natural events. You have to face them in this game as well.

If you like the game so much that you are willing to spend money on it, then you can unlock the full version by purchasing it in-app. But that doesn’t mean that you can only play up to a certain point. You then only have a few additional bonus functions and no more advertisements. IOS device users do not have this option and have to pay for the game directly.

(3337535) – ∅: 4.1

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