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Pixel 7a: a prototype for sale on eBay … while Google has not yet made it official

Leaks have been numerous this week for the Pixel 7a, with the one of the day being the most important. A prototype of Google’s next smartphone has been put up for sale on eBay, although the group has not yet formalized this model. It should be in May at the I/O conference.

The announcement on eBay is an opportunity to have photos of the Pixel 7a prototype. The logo on the back isn’t Google’s G, but one that’s specific to the company’s prototypes. The photos also show the front, back, sides and bottom with the USB-C port.


Unfortunately, the phone does not boot to Android, but there is access to Fastboot mode anyway. We thus learn that it is an EVT model, that is to say Engineering Validation Test. Google is therefore still in the testing phase at the engineering level. The next steps are DVT (Design Validation Test) and PVT (Production Validation Test). We also discover that there is 8 GB of RAM provided by Samsung and 128 GB of storage provided by SKHynix.

Here’s what the ad says:

Google Pixel 7a prototype. It does NOT start. It only goes into Fastboot mode. The device is in excellent cosmetic condition. Maybe someone can get it working and own a very collectable device before it launches. The SIM card tray is missing. Shipping cost depends on buyer’s location.

The starting price was $1,650, but it looks like Google has managed to put an end to the ad. Indeed, eBay displays the message: “The seller has ended this sale because the object is no longer available”. The ad is still visible at this address.

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