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Video game, Manga, Technology, Fornite, Programming, Dragon Ball, …, Pikomit is a social network that brings together enthusiasts and centered on your passions. Share, create, love, develop your favorite passions while making new friends.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Characteristics :
– Join the passions that suit you best and integrate your favorite universes.
– Access content related to your favorite passions, created by your friends and other enthusiasts.
– Take advantage of a range of tools to share and develop your favorite passions.
– Share and create your own posts, images, videos, articles, polls, …, with other Komits.
– Make friends who have the same passions as you and do activities together.
– Each passion is like a game, there are levels and rewards to be won in each of them. Prove that you are at the top of your passion by reaching the first place in the ranking thereof.
– Customizable profile, change your avatar, your banner, add your favorite color, indicate a status linked to your passion and your current mood.

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