People, don’t be comfortable. It also works with the Huawei P40 Lite

People are comfortable. This is how I would start. Mobile payments, YouTube, social networks. People are used to this convenience. I wanted to try what it’s like with the Huawei P40 Lite and now I don’t regret that I dared to buy this phone. I read a lot of reviews and everyone wrote that buying a Huawei phone without Google services is a loophole.

Google knows everything about us

With the purchase of the Huawei P40 Lite, I started to seem free. Google knows everything about me today. What videos I watched on YouTube, places I’ve been, my searches, and so on.

I transferred the applications easily via Phone Clone. About a quarter didn’t work for me, I had to replace them with alternatives. For watching videos, I downloaded the NewPipe application, which is much better than the classic YouTube application.

Huawei is still working to bring new applications to the AppGallery store. It’s not as bad as in the beginning. I am currently at the stage when I use my Huawei phone just like any other Android smartphone.

I have everything I need

I have a quality internet browser, maps, e-mails work reliably, I can make phone calls, write off messages and I have installed my favorite applications. In addition, I can use a super camera and many other features.

I do not regret buying this phone and when it falls to the ground, I simply buy another one, because in terms of price / performance, the P40 Lite simply comes out as the best purchase. Have fun, enjoy life and not be comfortable.

Thanks to the reader Ľuboš for the article. The article was created in collaboration with Huawei.

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