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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first CRPG adaptation of this campaign. According to the paper template, it converts to zero and one of all 6 story books and adds one more extra, created by Owlcat Games developers in collaboration with Chris Avellon. Development Finance Developers selected on Kickstarter – a whole $ 900,000. If you have the impression that isometric CRPGs have been released a lot lately, here you have evidence that demand is still alive. But there is one thing that Pathfinder: Kingmaker is different from the competition. The essential piece of playability is the strategic part, ie the building of one’s own kingdom. In a classic mix of battles counting on wheels, uncovering the storyline and developing characters, you will have to look after the welfare and widening of your country. Who would not like this idea at the beginning of the game can set up an autopilot that will handle all the royal duties for him but will lose a significant part of the game load and the possibility of influencing the development of his provinces

By the way, the initial difficulty setting is not to be underestimated. The game is really not a walk through the pink garden, not even a normal difficulty. You will not be able to reach the “hrr on them” style. Breaking in the fight and the distribution of orders to the characters is a must in most battles, in the case of important clashes will be necessary thorough preparation before the fight and a little peculiar reasoning. Are you really attacking a flock of insects with a sword? Would not it be better to fool him out? On the other hand, it will probably be useless in the case of a fiery elemental.

There is nothing new in the isometric RPG, but the flood of easy-to-access action titles does not necessarily suit everyone. Challenges in the duels are the spice of this game and the reason why we still like to return to it after writing the review

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Each adventure in the CRPG genre precedes character creation. Pathfinder is monumental in this respect. You can choose from eight races and twenty professions. After deciding whether you’re going to be a “thresher” or a “line breaker”, you need to split points between the traditional six features that further affect your level of skill, magical ability and other elements. There are also feats, skills, spells and, of course, conviction. It is also possible to modify the character in appearance and expression

The veterans of the genre and the kickstarters spree. There are plenty of possibilities to design a character that will slip out of typical fantasy templates. Ork magician with irresistible charisma? Calmly. Or a wild gnomman with barbara sticking? But sure. Also Powergameers who are in the “min-max” will come to their own. By creating the character and finding the “right” building they can spend a few days quietly

The start of the game, however, does not excite too much enthusiasm for beginners. The Pathfinder system is robust and comprehensive, but also very extensive and not very user-friendly for quick understanding. They do not even add distorted labels that would more closely approximate how rules or individual skills or spells work. As if the creators figured out that only fans of the genre are going to play

If you do not want to spend a little time studying the rules, you can choose from a few preset characters and level up to respect the choices the game offers. But to steal the joy of every new level, redistribute bodices, and think about how to focus your character further on? Rather, think again.

Bez družiny to nejde

You begin your adventure as a mere mercenary who will hear the call of the ruling Aldori and come along with other heroes to the city of Restov. There he is fighting to command the expedition to the dangerous lands of the Stolen Lands to establish the kingdom here. Already in tutorial missions, the game shows how important it is to create a character and play its character. The responses in the interviews and the feast on selected features will affect the composition of the adventure you will start with

The game is not limited to the bad-good range. Among your followers you will find a dwarf glorifying the inevitability of fate and death, a loving warrior, or an undead elf whose evil character is beyond the black and white pattern. The answers in the dialogues have a bigger shot than just good-neutral-bad, the game also works with the chaotic-legal axis, which only benefits the conversations

This is especially true for interactions with companions who have their own story background that you will be allowed to explore during the game. We would only recommend that you turn off the indications in the dialogues for what belief the answer belongs to. You will respond more according to your own estimate and not according to the templates set by the game creators.

The companions you meet during the game about ten and five can accompany you at any time in the party. Each character can be controlled as well as a primary character. And believe that it will really be necessary at first. The game does not give you anything for free. The first few hours before you make the rules clear, you’ll see the “loading” screen very often. And that’s not just about the difficult battles with bosses

The group moves between the locations on a global map. However, such travel is exhausting, so it requires a regular rest, otherwise the stats will fall to the figures. The tired hero is at the limit of usability, not even for the whole group. And rest, that is, to make a camp, to make a proviant, to assign a guard, to take good hiding from enemies … Let cubes be inclined, because even after such a preparation you may wake up a furious pack of wolves and end up not only unburied, but also injuries and spells. Loading.

Be careful about inventory management. Unless you dominate the loot, you are often overloaded, which in no way means a punishment in the fight. It will also take a while for you to make clear how the equipment bonuses work and what to do with them. There is nothing better to find out that the bonus number on the helmet you just bought for all your gold is not counting your ring. Loading.

But nothing is as hot as it seems at first glance. Overloading can easily solve backpacks, which reduce the weight of the load across the entire suite. Developers also handed a helping hand to players who have the problem of leaving even the smallest bauble on the ground. Before leaving the location, the game offers an inventory of all the lying items and the player can choose what they collect and what they do not. In addition to treasures and trusses where this system does not apply, you can continue without restraint from congestion and sort everything later

You will not be able to rest, but if you assign a role to the camp, not only is no one likely to fall, but you can get a temporary bonus on statistics whether it’s from cooked cooked food or the special ability of some character

Moving hours during camping also divert companions with their comments, often they are biting notes to the less popular members of the party. A small detail, for which we have not taken camping as merely a technical duty, but a fun stop between adventures

Od dobrodruha k panovníkovi

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is not just exploring locations, tactical duels, and collecting experience and equipment. At the end of the prologue, the main hero will acquire a territory that will need to be cultivated, defended against enemies and ideally expanded.

The strategic part has a surprising depth. As part of your reign, you must be surrounded by capable assistants who will be in charge of various administrative positions, from the chief counselor and the priest through the general to the administrator of the royal treasury

You can send help to missions that either have problems in the realm, or bring different improvements. Successful projects are pushing the kingdom forward, while failure is slowing down development. It is therefore important to take care of their territories: to solve problems, to plan construction in the capital, to build settlements in new territories, to maintain good relations with neighbors. If you manage to skip everything, your realm will grow so well and you will continue the story

Unfortunately this is not a handkerchief. Most tasks have a time limit. It is not so wise to go with a companion for a half-year treasure expedition. Upon returning to the capital, you would find your kingdom in a poor state, at worst ruined. As a player, you need to divide your attention between the wandering of the party and the administration of the kingdom. Similarly, this also applies to the threats that come to your kingdom, whether it’s an invasion of trolls or magic beasts. When they fail to meet a certain amount of time, the game just ends.

We are not supporters of time limits, because we believe they are taking away the players from the pace that suits them. On the other hand, we have to acknowledge that the limits are used effectively. Keeping tension in play, the player is forced to prioritize. Without them, the kingdom’s administration would become a repetitive “klikačka” and only another item in the diary of the threats threatening the empire

Not only the live cube is Pathfinder

It seems from the previous paragraphs that we like most of our systems and the rest is less important. But that’s not true. Pathfinder: Kingmaker boasts a sophisticated world with a rich history full of intrigue of hostile generations and an interesting pantheon. The world is also huge. Before going through the introduction and the first chapter, it will run smoothly for 20 hours. And that’s about a sixth of the game time. Pathfinder’s shot: Kingmaker is so very ambitious. It also deserves to be appreciated.

By the way, you do not have to read encyclopedias or diaries for a closer look at the world. If you encounter any real world in a conversation, whether it be a historical event or the name of a deity, you can move it with a mouse and read the details of the tooltip. Background information about the world does not go away from the actual action

Although it’s a traditional setting like Forgotten Realms, the authors have avoided at least the biggest fantasy cliché. So do not worry that you will see the main black-and-white villain in the first chapter you have to defeat at the end of the game, or if the paladins fit on the world savior 5 minutes after the tutorial ends. It’s not so easy

The game begins as a common adventurer, who is gradually building up in the royal ranch. The joy of reaching out to the residents after “20 hours of play” is purer because you know you deserve it. A good sense of progress is, in fact, the mainstay of the game. Pathfinder has managed to keep us to such an extent that we have seen the infamous “one more turn” syndrome (“one more turn” here). And that’s a good business card

Bugfinder: Errormaker Click To Enlarge!

Take the title of the paragraph as a joke, so bad with Pathfinder is not. Without mistakes, however, the transfer of paper adventures into computer form did not go away. Compromise engineering is, in fact, the main prerequisite for the game. Although we did not meet any budget that would cause a game failure or the inability to complete a task (which can not be said for a number of users complaining about the forums), we have often experienced mistakes in the implementation of Pathfinder rules that caused a lot of frustration

Example: We planned a character to fight two weapons, then in the second chapter we found out that the injury bonus does not work on the secondary weapon. But by the rules he should work. Occupation specialization has lost meaning, as has 20 hours of character. It’s upset

Annoying is also a frequent reading in the transition between map, kingdom management, and crowd control. It’s one of the things the player does very often. Have you forgotten something in your chest before leaving for a trip? Do you want to see what’s new in the throne room quickly? Everything is accompanied by a disproportionately long loading, which we have several times discovered that we are postponing the capital’s visit later.

Developers, however, have to be praised that the product is intensively cared for after the release. Since then, there have been twenty correction patches that have been gradually eroding. Even the loading rate has improved slightly.

The Spiritual Successor of Neverwinter Nights?

Despite its technical troubles, Pathfinder: Kingmaker this year is a big surprise. Not only because of its size, but also for its ability to convey the classic D & D experience on the computer screen. Until recently, the first ever Neverwinter Nights was for this number. We are not sure about Kingmaker

Yes, we know the game is missing toolset, it does not have a craft or a multiplayer. But it has a refreshing strategic part that adds an extra dimension, and a host of improvements in control and user interface that older titles can no longer offer. And the rules? Besides a few bugs, they offer a huge sandbox for all dragon strategists. Finally, the uncompromising difficulty is something that refers to the classic of the genre, whether you think of it so often mentioned Neverwinter Nights or Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale.

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