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Password Safe Pro, password on Android


Keeps all web logins, credit card numbers, even insurance license numbers … all in our mobile, always at hand. Our data is encrypted securely, the only way to access it is by entering the password we choose.

When the password of an application does not please us, we can use Password Safe Lite which is also available on the Play Store.
Our passwords are stored in secure mode using 128 or 256 bit. "

One can edit the fields freely, no longer the obligation to have absolutely to insert characters that one does not wish to see. The entries can be registered together with the possibility of being used several times.

Full backups of the database are encrypted. The data is never decrypted in the device memory. All databases and backup files are still encrypted.

The application is also available for computer, it is also downloadable.


To unlock this app you need to purchase an unlock key in app or license at Thus the ads will disappear and the cards become unlimited.

Better to make a backup before doing an update because it happens that with some phones there are problems.

This Android application is available on Google Play Store, free in limited edition.

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