Parents of 6-year-old Warzone streamer are lying together

A riot in the world of Call of Duty Warzone and streamers. A story turns out to be something different.

6-year-old Warzone streamer

When will you let your son or daughter play Call of Duty? Officially, a Battle Royale like Call of Duty Warzone has a strict PEGI rating of 18 years and older. All the more remarkable was one RowdyRogan’s YouTube and Twitch channel. This streamer was not 18, not 13, but only 6 years old. And this streamer casually played Call of Duty Warzone.

Activision also got wind of the channels, which have since become very popular. On Twitch, the guy had 95,000 followers and on YouTube he had 132,000 subscribers. The 6-year-old’s online Call of Duty account has been closed. On one of the streams you can see how the male crying to his father to tell about his ‘ban’. So much for the story.

All well done, it now appears. Videos already recorded had been edited and the parents acted like crazy. Activision hadn’t banned at all and the comments in the stream were fake. A publicity stunt by RowdyRogan to draw attention. And it worked.

The family now has the attention they so hoped for. At the same time, you may wonder how healthy it is to use your 6-year-old as a tool for a successful Twitch and YouTube channel featuring a violent game like Call of Duty. (Via PCGamer)

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