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Paranormasight puts you on edge with its unpleasant horror feeling

The well-known game company Square Enix has released a new horror game in the Google Play Store. It is modern narration of a famous ghost story and it is full of horror elements to give you a good scare.

Paranormal sight

The game is fully called Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo and it has everything to do with Japan, the homeland of Square Enix. honjo is a neighborhood in Tokyo and all kinds of mysterious things happen there in the 1980s. At least, not only in the game: they are stories based on well-known ghost stories from that region, which have now become tourist attractions for that district.

In the game you go out with a group of researchers to see what exactly is going on with those ghost stories. Depending on how you do it, the stories unfold, although your choices can also mean that someone dies. Fortunately, you are not completely left to your own devices: you have to do puzzles and pay close attention in conversations with others. Everything is completely in ghost style, including ouija boards that seem to be able to summon ghosts.

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Square Enix game

Furthermore, it is typically a game to experience yourself, because in a review you soon tell too much about the puzzles or the plot. Especially if you find Japan interesting, then this is a game to play, but also if you love a whodunnit (or fall into a hole after the final of Wie is de Mol tonight).

The game isn’t hugely action-packed: it’s more like a visual novel. But one that is full of interesting characters and of course the necessary twists, on which you have some influence. In addition, this game is a picture to see. Quiet, blue-gray tones have been chosen, but the animation style is especially pleasant to look at. It does cost a bit: the game is available for 16.99 euros in the Google Play Store.

Do you dare, or do you know even more exciting games from the Play Store? Share it in the comments to this article.

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