Pango Kumo – Learning the Water Cycle While Having Fun

In this new Pango adventure, the famous little raccoon invites young kids to play with the weather by becoming a little cloud named Kumo. The learning of the water cycle will be done while having fun.


With a little rain, it will be possible to grow and to bloom trees and plants. With the snow, the creation of mountains and snowmen will become reality, while the sending of lightning will break rocks or burn brambles. And when Kumo is empty, it will be necessary to reload it by directing it over a body of water.

– Become Kumo, the little cloud of the world of Pango.
– Play with the weather.
– Learn the cycle of water in having fun.
– Explore a vast and colorful world.
– Interact with the scenery and characters.
– Observe the magic of evaporation.
– Discover a different world in every game.
– Take the power of water and fire
– No stress, no time limit, no competition
– Ideal for ages 3 and up
– Simple and functional application.
– Internal parental control.
– No third party advertising or integrated purchase.

You have to Buy this game and Download By Click here.

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