Panasonic introduces the new flagship OLED TV model for 2021

Smart TVs are becoming an increasingly common part of Slovak households thanks to their ever-expanding range. Company Panasonic last week introduced a new model of smart OLED TV for 2021. Model with the designation JZ2000 will be available with 55 and 65 inch diagonals.

TThe JZ2000 elevator is a symbol of what we want to achieve at Panasonic. By deploying artificial intelligence, we try to achieve that our viewers can enjoy the best picture and sound without the need for further adjustment. Our goal is to support customers’ wishes so that they can really enjoy their favorite content without interruption. Whether they play games, watch movies, sports or something else, we want to give them the opportunity to enjoy the best visual and audio experiences on our devices and thus contribute to their feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Yasushi Murayama, Managing Director of Panasonic ‘s Visual and Audio Business Strategy Product Strategy.

The low latency OLED display is also suitable for gamers

Like its predecessor, the JZ2000 is equipped with Panasonic’s own Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel. The custom-made Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel has been exclusively customized by Panasonic development engineers.

The result is even better control of parameters that affect image quality. Compared to conventional OLED TVs, the Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel provides a higher level of brightness in both the brightest and average scenes, achieving increased dynamic range, making HDR content weak on other OLED TVs.

The JZ2000 has been designed by Panasonic to be an excellent choice for gamers, thanks to its very low latency and support for the variable refresh rate (vrr) and high refresh rate (HFR) of HDMI2.1. Thanks to the performance of the HCX Pro AI processor, Panasonic was able to significantly reduce latency when playing games.

Latency (also known as response time) refers to the shift between pressing a button on a game controller, such as a joystick, and an action performed on the screen. The JZ2000 reduces latency to the lowest numbers in the industry in the OLED TV category. This reduction in latency is not just about improvements on the whole panel side, but is the result of significant technical innovations brought by Panasonic.

This latency reduction is a key part of the Game Mode Extreme with the JZ2000.

Game Mode Extreme consists of the following elements:
• Low latency
• HDMI 2.1 support with variable refresh rate (vrr) and high refresh rate (HFR)
• Special picture mode for playing games (game mode)
• Supports HDMI Signal Power Link, which enhances the experience and makes it easier to use Panasonic TVs in combination with non-CEC-enabled devices such as old set-top boxes or computers.

The new model adds more speakers than its predecessor

In addition to the upward-facing speakers that appeared on the previous model, the JZ2000 also had side-facing speakers. Called 360 ° Soundscape Pro, this solution is capable of delivering a stunning Dolby Atmos sound experience. Several built-in speakers, facing up, sideways and forward, create a surround sound scene defined by Dolby Atmos.

When users watch movies, they will have cinema-level surround sound. If they watch sports, they get an even more intense feeling that they are right in the stadium. In addition, the JZ2000 provides powerful and dynamic audio output complemented by strong bass. The sound system was developed with the support of acoustic engineers from the renowned sound brand Technics belonging to Panasonic and proudly bears the name Tuned by Technics.

The dual Bluetooth connection allows the TV to transmit audio to two separate Bluetooth devices at the same time. This means, for example, that both partners can listen to a movie late at night via a Bluetooth headset without disturbing their children’s sleep.

Artificial intelligence adjusts the picture mode

The JZ2000 features a brand new HCX Pro AI with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which helps the TV determine exactly what kind of content is playing: movie, sports, music, storytelling, etc., and then automatically adjusts the picture quality. and sound to be as appropriate as possible for the format.

The HCX Pro AI processor is able to identify the content being played in real time and perform image analysis every second. The artificial intelligence subsystem contained in the processor compares the program being played with a library of different types of content on which it has learned to optimize both picture and sound quality.

If the processor detects that you are watching football, for example, it adjusts the picture quality so that the grass and players look realistic, and at the same time automatically adjusts the sound so that the spectators feel that they are right in the stadium. On the other hand, if he sees that you are watching a film, he sets the most accurate colors and, based on the know-how that Panasonic has acquired during his long tenure in Hollywood, adjusts the picture quality to provide the cinema projection experience as close as possible.

Artificial intelligence has long been taught in more than a million different samples of content, so that most of our customers can enjoy all their favorite content with optimal picture and sound settings without having to think about it.

New user interface

The JZ2000 features the latest version of Panasonic’s award-winning smart TV system, My Home Screen 6.0. The new version brings significant improvements and performance features. My Scenery lets you choose from an archive of soothing pictures and videos, or set your own according to your mood and time of day. Ideal for focused thinking or for bedtime.

Stefan Sonnenfeld, a Hollywood colorist who helped Panasonic fine-tune the color rendering of the TV

The menu interface has been improved to allow quick access to the most commonly used picture, sound and other functions. The JZ2000 also supports built-in main voice services, which allow users to control some of the TV’s key features by voice only.

Key features:

  • The new AI HCX Pro processor allows automatic optimization of picture and sound quality based on the type of content being watched.
  • Game Mode Extreme significantly reduces input latency to enhance the gaming experience and additionally supports HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate (vrr) and High Frame Rate (HFR).
  • Built-in side and up speakers deliver superb surround sound and stunning audio experiences thanks to the Dolby Atmos system.
  • The Tuned by Technics sound system was developed with the support of acoustic engineers working with the famous brand of sound technology Technics.
  • In Hollywood, a specially tuned Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel provides higher brightness compared to conventional OLED TVs.
  • Other improvements to My Home Screen, including My Scenery and dual Bluetooth connectivity.

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