the almost perfect electric scooter!

With the Ninebot ES2, Segway bets versatility. Marketed at 499 euros, this electric scooter has, on paper, more of a trump card. What about everyday? We were able to use the Ninebot ES2 for a few days. Here is our… Read More »

New battery technology to make electric cars cheaper

                                        | Note: Article contains commission links – What is it?                                                                                                 The US startup 24M wants to bring in 2020 more powerful and cost-saving batteries on the market. This should make electric cars cheaper and smartphones more enduring. Batteries… Read More »

Android Games Of The Year 2018

The end of 2018 is now in the offing and it’s time to take a look at what’s going on in Android mobile games. Those who have probably surprised you the most, the more amused, and you may even be… Read More »

Warframe – Game for PC lover

If you’ve been bored by the giants of a somewhat bumpy MMO market, World of Warcraft is fine, but fifteen years of the same is just fifteen years, and so, you can be alert. Warframe has the potential to satisfy… Read More »

An app to analyze penises

  Data, personal data … Everything is analyzed and quantified today, to our most intimate characteristics. And it’s not just a formula, because, with the Penis Analyzer application, you can have access to different statistics about your sex, and that… Read More »

The Division 2

  Two Months. Such a time stands between us and the release of the sequel to The City Division 2. The farewell, snowy environment, we were enjoying New York. A second divisional agent trip heads southwest to the capital of… Read More »