Overview of price and availability

Unfortunately, the PS5 is sold out everywhere at the moment. The production of the coveted console is still in full swing. We’ll keep you posted on the price and availability of the PS5 here.

Order PS5: All information on the availability and price of the PS5.
Order PS5: All information on the availability and price of the PS5.

Order PS5: Price and availability in the overview

The PS5 currently costs 399 euros in its “All Digital” version. The price of the PS5 with drive is 499 euros. Even if both versions of the console are currently out of stock, some online shops offer the PlayStation 5 in very limited contingents from time to time. So it’s worth keeping your eyes open. In the following section you will find dealers who may have the PS5 in their range from time to time.

Buy PS5: online shops at a glance

Although the PS5 is currently widely sold out, it can be worthwhile to keep an eye on the following online shops. After all, it can always happen that limited quotas of the PS5 be made available for a short time.

PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition for 399 euros:

PlayStation 5 with 4K drive for 499 euros:

Buy PlayStation 5: Essential accessories for the PS5

With the official accessories from Sony you can get the most out of your PS5. The DualSense controller, charging station, remote control, HD camera and headset can make your life easier and your gaming experience more enjoyable. Unfortunately, some of the articles are currently out of print, as is the console itself.

You also need one Top TVso that the graphics performance of the PS5 can really come into its own. Here are three suggestions for suitable 4K TVs:

By the way, in our overview article you will find a lot more information about the PlayStation 5.

Order PS5 bundles: “PlayStation 5” packages for gamers

Are current no “PS5 console” bundles available. But it can be assumed that bundles will be offered in the coming months. As soon as “PS5 console” bundles are available, we will of course list them for you here.

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