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Overhauling the battery of your e-bike: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A battery is also called the heart of your electric bicycle. The motor is powered by the battery. This energy ensures that you receive your pedal assistance. The more kilometers you cycle, the emptier your battery becomes. A battery lasts an average of 5 to 6 years, provided you use it properly.

When the battery of your e-bike needs to be replaced, you can choose to have it recycled, have the battery overhauled or buy a new electric bike. In this blog you can read the pros and cons of overhauling your battery.

What is your battery overhaul?

An e-bike battery consists of several cells. The cells of your battery will perform less over time. This is due to repeated charging and discharging. When overhauling, old battery cells are replaced by new cells. In some cases, only the battery housing is reused and the interior is new.

What should you pay attention to when overhauling your battery?

No matter how handy you are, we advise you not to replace the cells of your battery yourself. Have this done by a professional. In this case, cheap is expensive. Which battery cells are used to replace the defective battery cells? The lower the quality of the new battery cells, the less long your battery will last.

In addition, make sure that the third party doing the overhaul replaces not just a few cells, but all of them. Also ask if the battery management system – also known as the BMS – can be replaced. Note: A battery that is damaged is more likely to catch fire while charging.

What are the benefits of overhauling?

Having your battery overhauled compared to buying a new battery has a number of advantages. You can read which these are below.

Often cheaper than replacing

A new battery for your electric bicycle can run from 200 to 800 euros. At you can buy the Bosch EBP Battery Bosch 36V 625WH for 788 euros. Usually the costs for the overhaul are between 300 and 500 euros. The actual costs may differ per battery. Let a professional inform you in advance how much it will cost you.

Immediately the possibility to expand capacity

Do you have your battery overhauled by a specialist? Then it is immediately possible to upgrade the bicycle battery. With an upgraded battery, you can cycle more kilometers with a fully charged battery. The actual range depends on various factors, such as the support level you use, the type of engine, weather conditions and the amount of pressure on your tires. Your display shows how far you can cycle before your battery is empty. You can ask the third party whether this is possible with your bicycle.

Are there also disadvantages?

In addition to the advantages, there are also several disadvantages about overhauling your bicycle battery. Which these are, we will explain to you below.

Damage results in a fire hazard

More and more often we see news reports about fires caused by the battery of an electric bicycle. If you have fallen with your e-bike, dropped the battery or tried to overhaul your battery yourself, it is advisable to have a specialist check the battery first. After all, a short circuit may have occurred internally. Even if no damage is visible from the outside.

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