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Outage puts Telegram chat app down (December 16)

It seems to be the week of outages. After a major outage at Google last week, the Telegram messaging service now has a major outage. The service is having problems receiving and sending messages.

Telegram failure

Since Wednesday afternoon, December 16, Telegram has been dealing with a global outage. The service is used all over the world and also affects users in the Netherlands. The first messages surfaced around 2:20 pm and the service remains on ‘connect’. Messages cannot be sent and delivered, and therefore cannot be received. When you send a message, it gets stuck in the queue.

It is not known whether all users will be affected by the outage. DroidApp will keep you informed via this message.

Update 2:35 PM: Telegram reports the following on Twitter; Some of our users, primarily in Europe and the Middle East are currently experiencing connection issues. We’re working to bring them back online. Please hang on, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Update 3:24 pm: The outage seems to be ongoing. Although a message seems to be delivered every now and then, the service is still far from stable.

Update 3:27 pm: Here at the editorial office we notice that everything is working again. There may be some more errors in the next few minutes.

Update 3:33 pm: The service seems far from stable. Regularly messages get stuck in the queue.

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