Our relationship is sore, but the sex is good

8 years of long-distance relationships and what all of that? So that I stand in front of the mirror, hunched over naked, take a shower dressed and experience coitus interruptus shortly before the end of the mission? Not even the picture you sent me of yourself was real! It’s over Really this time. I mean … damn it.

Don't you dare cyberpunk 2077.
Don’t you dare cyberpunk 2077.

To be honest: I followed the traffic rules in GTA 5. Please don’t tell anyone, I’m embarrassed. What can I say? I am odd. And I think my relationship with Cyberpunk 2077 is weird too. Because I can’t stop. While others quit early, lose interest, or justifiably get angry at CD Projekt Red; while Reddit forums overflow with all the content that is missing – and they do, they do – while the game is unfinished and crashes every few hours, I can’t stop


Relationship sucks, can I still enjoy it?

I've been thinking about it all night.  On that strange dump in front of Night City.
I’ve been thinking about it all night. On this buggy dump in front of Night City.

There’s so much wrong with Cyberpunk 2077 that I want to slam the door in front of the game. What about all the promises, CD Projekt Red? What about the pre-release tests, where you only let the testers play on high-end PCs, even though you knew that console gamers would end up biting into their controllers?

What is the point of “I’m the good!” PR while you let your developers work overtime for years? And for what? Cyberpunk 2077 was so broken on PS4 when it was released that it was removed from the PlayStation Store. You may already know. And now I’m sitting here wondering: Is it okay to love Cyberpunk 2077 anyway?

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Because I do. Our relationship is sore, but the feelings are there anyway. Have you ever seen the outside of Night City? All the lights? And why do I fall in love with random quest NPCs? I recently had to pray with someone who died shortly afterwards. I am not even religious! And yet this is a scene that I will remember for a long time.

Well in my defense: I may not play Cyberpunk 2077 like many others. Most likely, I’m not playing it the way it was intended. I sleep every night. Shower. Drink, eat. Never use fast travel. I obey the traffic rules (halfway). Dress me as I see fit; and not as the armament values ​​dictate to me.

I’m trying to live in Night City and it works. Because I have the opportunity. Because I really play a role in this role play.

Oh, and I enjoy the action too, although I find it too easy. Although I keep noticing here and there that the rules of this game are not perfect. Although sometimes cars fly around or NPCs run into my motorcycle, only to get injured and immediately alert the police, who then shoot me: excuse me? What was that supposed to mean?

No, no, I changed my mind It’s over Never again.

And then he stands at the door again and says …

Are you serious, Cyberpunk 2077?
Are you serious, Cyberpunk 2077?

I just can not No say. The quests keep me going, the characters already have a place in my heart and I love the city, no matter how nice it would have been to see it in its full glory. Yes, I would have liked to have waited another year to play the Cyberpunk 2077 that was promised.

And yet: For me it is, in spite of everything, somehow. Because I wanted a role play with romances; a world in which I can write my own story, in which I can live and want to live. That’s what I wanted from the start, and that’s what I got. For me, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most immersive games out there, despite bugs, it has charm and has been a game like a Dragon Age or Mass Effect for years Cyberpunk Opera with feeling.

Does that mean you have to like it too? Nope. Is most of the criticism justified? Clear. Cyberpunk 2077 is my Guilty Pleasure 2020. And somehow also my Game of the Year, no matter how reluctantly I say it.

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